Pictures From The Rookie

20 10 2008

I suppose at one point leading meant muscles; but most of the time it’s getting along with people.

To the able bodies of my former team, CUAL1; for making my days a little more happy than they use to and allowing me to push them … around, LOL:

Shayne, Fer, Cynthia, Ef, Cathy, Jun-Vi, Dre, Jen, Yssa, Bev, Hannah, Jaycee, Dennis, Nel, Judy and Apple Pie

And to those who shared with us:

Dencio, Atok, Josh and Ayene


My Last Trip With The Old Team

10 10 2008

A few weeks back, me and my team went out of town for a bit of interlude from stress. The place of choice wasn’t very far and it was quite convenient serving a bit of hiking and a lot of swimming, which is up to everyone’s alley.

This will probably be my last video about these group of people. We’ve managed to grow while we were together and growing –in the industry we live in – predominantly mean, separating the moment each is strong enough.

I hope they like what I’ve made. It’s a little screwed on the timing (I was waaay past my bedtime so I couldn’t count on producing quality videos), but I tried.


Loose Cannons

1 09 2008

I woke up with a start and the sky is still dark – it’s 1:34am. How long have I been sleeping? 45 minutes. Why can’t I stay asleep?  Better busy yourself or you’ll start thinking crazy things again. Read – rest your eyes you just finished one. Food – you just ate. Play a video game – you don’t play video games. Call ‘Mr. Unavailable But He’s Dating You’ – he’s sleeping, we don’t want to bother him over nonsensical discussions. Face it, you’re stuck.

There is a steady drizzle outside my room – thank God for the lovely weather – and the lack of better things to do can’t seem to find me. Broke, home alone and with a fuzzy cable tv connection, I thought of a small project. Don’t you have some new pictures you wanted to tinker with? Right. But photoshop is boring. Then do something else with it.

The voice at the back of my head just gave me an idea …

I can’t wait to go out with them again – but first you gotta stop being broke first.

CUAL1 Team Pictures

8 08 2008

I’ve been meaning to send all our pictures to you but loading them limits me to only a few MB and organizing them in my Photobucket has proved cumbersome. So I made a decision to cut time to three hours as opposed to … hmm, several days. It saves me time to write more worthwhile articles and tearing my hair off.

Simply hover your pointer over the link to view the thumbnail – mind you, it’ll be a cut down version – and if you like it, you can simply click to open and save – the full picture should show by then.



DSC02248-1.jpg DSC02248.jpg DSC02249-1.jpg DSC02249.jpg DSC02250-1.jpg DSC02250.jpg

DSC02251.jpg DSC02253-1.jpg DSC02253.jpg DSC02254.jpg DSC02255.jpg DSC02257.jpg

DSC02258-1.jpg DSC02258-2.jpg DSC02258.jpg DSC02259.jpg DSC02260.jpg DSC02261.jpg

DSC02262.jpg DSC02263-1.jpg DSC02263.jpg DSC02264.jpg DSC02265.jpg DSC02268.jpg

DSC02269-1.jpg DSC02269.jpg DSC02271-1.jpg DSC02271.jpg DSC02272.jpg DSC02273-1.jpg

DSC02273.jpg DSC02274.jpg DSC02275.jpg DSC02276-1.jpg DSC02276.jpg DSC02278-1.jpg

DSC02278.jpg DSC02279.jpg DSC02280.jpg DSC02281.jpg DSC02282.jpg DSC02283.jpg

DSC02284.jpg DSC02285.jpg DSC02287.jpg DSC02289.jpg DSC02290.jpg DSC02293.jpg

DSC02295.jpg DSC02296.jpg DSC02297.jpg DSC02299.jpg DSC02300.jpg DSC02313.jpg

DSC02314.jpg DSC02315.jpg DSC02316-1.jpg DSC02316.jpg DSC02318.jpg DSC02319.jpg

DSC02320.jpg DSC02321.jpg DSC02322.jpg DSC02324.jpg DSC02326.jpg DSC02327.jpg

DSC02330.jpg DSC02337.jpg DSC02338.jpg DSC02339.jpg DSC02340.jpg DSC02341.jpg

DSC02342.jpg DSC02344.jpg DSC02345.jpg DSC02347.jpg DSC02348.jpg DSC02349.jpg

DSC02350.jpg DSC02351.jpg DSC02352.jpg



DSC02242.jpg DSC02243.jpg DSC02244.jpg DSC02245.jpg DSC02246.jpg DSC02247.jpg



DSC02363.jpg DSC02364.jpg DSC02365.jpg DSC02366.jpg DSC02366.jpg DSC02367.jpg 

DSC02368.jpg DSC02369.jpg DSC02370.jpg DSC02371.jpg DSC02378.jpg DSC02379.jpg



DSC02382.jpg DSC02383.jpg DSC02384.jpg DSC02385.jpg DSC02386.jpg DSC02387.jpg

DSC02388.jpg DSC02389.jpg DSC02390.jpg DSC02391.jpg DSC02392.jpg DSC02393.jpg

DSC02394.jpg DSC02395.jpg DSC02396.jpg DSC02397.jpg DSC02398.jpg DSC02412.jpg

DSC02413.jpg DSC02414.jpg DSC02415.jpg DSC02416.jpg DSC02417.jpg DSC02418.jpg

DSC02419.jpg DSC02420.jpg DSC02421.jpg DSC02422.jpg DSC02423.jpg DSC02424.jpg

DSC02426.jpg DSC02427.jpg DSC02428.jpg DSC02429.jpg DSC02430.jpg DSC02432.jpg

DSC02433.jpg DSC02434.jpg DSC02435.jpg DSC02436.jpg DSC02437-1.jpg DSC02437.jpg

DSC02438.jpg DSC02439.jpg DSC02440.jpg DSC02441.jpg DSC02442.jpg DSC02443.jpg

DSC02444.jpg DSC02446.jpg DSC02447.jpg DSC02448.jpg DSC02449.jpg DSC02451.jpg

DSC02452.jpg DSC02453.jpg DSC02459.jpg DSC02460.jpg DSC02462-1.jpg DSC02462.jpg

DSC02463.jpg DSC02464.jpg DSC02465.jpg DSC02466.jpg DSC02468.jpg DSC02469.jpg

DSC02470-1.jpg DSC02470.jpg DSC02471.jpg DSC02472.jpg  

DSC02438.jpg DSC02439.jpg DSC02440.jpg DSC02441.jpg DSC02442.jpg DSC02443.jpg


Fish No More

25 06 2008

To start with and to put it politely, it was very challenging. One is in need to be on their toes at all times; miss one session and the following days will become problematic, that alone is tricky to someone with short attention span like me. Week after weeks and month after months, one is put through intensive schooling to cover all areas and avoid mistakes that may impact revenue. I especially had troubles with anything that concerned calculations (I don’t like math!) but with my coaches help and a little tough love, I was able to pull through. I also was the only one with a commendation; whew that was a feat in itself. Everyone on the floor was all smiles for my accomplishment after it was announced through email. So maybe, just maybe I had all the right to be self-satisfied in my head.

Last Friday, June 20 I graduated from my airlines class with a 90.15 average. Suffice it to say, I’m very much pleased and was a bit smug in my head.

Before this whole thing started, I was leery on survival. I was the new fish and unfortunately I was also out of water. I was one of those who had the credentials of my position but had no expertise of the product, nevertheless the Senior Operations Manager trusted me and perhaps saw something during the interviews that led me to be a part of the team. Day by day, I had uncertainties that I fit and there would be times I myself would question my existence in the current line-up. The me I know just isn’t United Airlines material. 

But I was shown nothing but kindness and I was received warmly. People would give a smile and acknowledge my being part of the family and all of them seem stoked as I am that the team is growing in successful proportions. 

Now that I’m done with training, I just have to go through minor buddy ups to herald a team and it’ll be work work work all the way. I celebrated with a huge bag of chips, a few bottles of vodka Cruiser and a new book by Stephanie Meyer. The heavens were celebrating with me as well. It decided to open up and give the city a downpour providing low temperatures conducive for relaxing and snuggling. The lack of internet connection and electricity didn’t even dampen my spirit, it was one of my best weekends so far. I love me right now.

Fish Is What I’m Called If I Was In Prison

10 04 2008

From what I gathered, this is the last batch for training. But coming in on the third day doesn’t put me in a homey position with the others who came on board the same time.


Walking inside the room, I caught a whiff of the amity the people have formed and I ambled inside the lion’s den feeling alone and vulnerable. Now I understand what they mean when they say surrounded by hordse but deserted. Eyes on me, I gave a smile; not for friendship but for false comfort and flashing once teeth show that I am ready to exchange blows.


Two days, yes, two days is enough to leave you far behind. Training for United Airlines is demanding; it will measure your ability to soak in every information provided in the speed of light. The guide has the ability to cram everything in a jostle of fast talks, so: Your hands and eyes must stay coordinated in drills and your ears need to give wide berth to pass immense information to your head. With the heavy air, everyone is devised to keep up or be consumed by the void left by their inability to draw level. I on the other hand, before stepping in, brought every ounce of attentiveness and gusto I can summon to survive and catch up. But obstacles have a nice way of finding you.


Unlike the ones who came in the first day, I am left to watch them warily as they amble along the exercises. I can see that they, even with complete notes, two days of training under their belt and their access to the system – which is the whole nine yards of the knowledge base – is still left struggling to pull through. What more for a newbie like me? I, who was called hastily without proper equipment is rammed into the roaring current. What chance do I have to survive?


No system to work on, no background information, no debreifing, no map, no nothing … it sums my situation up to a well explained I’m screwed. Sometimes I wonder, do they really want me here?


I am continuing. This is a good chance for me to prove that I am still one sharp tool. This might just be a load of false bravado but I have to attempt the leap. I know this fish won’t need tattoos or Pugnac to break free. I will rise above this.