To Read – Later

21 03 2011

A short trip to Greenbelt resulted to Gruber, Rice and Gaiman. I was supposed to get a pair of running shoes but got distracted. Stroud, Gruen, Pratchett and Follett are backlogs.

I’ve read American Gods last year – loaned by a friend – but I wanted my own copy and a reread. So when I saw a good edition, I made a decision to ignore the shoes.


Back In The Vistas

6 08 2010

I suppose I stressed for no reason last Wednesday. The day after, we were back to being okay again. Yipee!

The frequency of our conversation is back to its normal high and we’re again in good graces. I am not feeling the perils of losing him and he’s back to his old sunshiny self. Jeez, I just hope he never caught whiff of my last entry (which was appalling since I wrote it half asleep, half crying and a dab panicked – the writing was a total ewww) that would be horrifying.

I’ve always described my emotional conclusions as ‘nuts’ so there is a probability that I’ve jumped into conclusions. A true waste of time; the perils of of a borderline emo.

I hope it never goes back to that limbo. I like that we’re just like this … no commitment, no hang ups. If it ever progress to anything bigger than the both of us, I pray to God it be stress free.


I need to catch a movie soon. Some good films have brewed out there and I never got the chance to catch it and I hate hate hate that I could not find the time. Something completely drawn from strange given I use to be a girl that makes time for movies.

I’ll try to catch one this weekend or maybe this Monday – I don’t like crowded malls. I hope my work schedule works for me so I don’t have to miss sleep. I want to catch both Salt and Inception – two heavy swigs but I think I can handle it.


All my Sundays are taken.

After purchasing my new DSLR I gave that day (after church of course) to taking practice sessions. I am looking forward to accumulating significant amount of hours and maybe collect several good snaps for a future portfolio.

Now don’t make conclusions that I’m good at this, hell, I’m not. But a good friend of mine, whom I introduced to photography just got shortlisted to Canon’s Photo Contest. A coveted 30 attendees only. Whoa! So maybe just maybe, I can be good too.

I hope its not too hot nor raining for me to go out.


I heard news that Powerbooks is on sale. I’m off to get me some Ian McEwan (Atonement is uh-may-zzzing!). I may still have some backlogs at home but this is a sale people, it would be nuts to let it pass.

Before Kick-Off

2 05 2010

Today is Sunday and I’m watching Oprah while typing this. To my side is my planner.

I haven’t really looked at it as close as I should, save for certain days that dictates an activity or an appointment. While answering some emails and organizing files, I took a peek at what I’ll be having for the week and this is  what I saw:

So before I even get to some fun stuff, I have a handful of things to do. I had no idea that I packed what seems like a little more than what I can focus on. Oh well it’s just a light impasse, no biggie.


Was out with a friend last Thursday. And for the first time in a very long time, I ate once again at Cabalen. After getting my fill, we trudged for shopping. I took home a new top and a tankini -with its back completely void of any material save for two strings (for the neck and the bust area) to tie the whole thing together.

I can’t wait to launch it with my new boardshorts.


I ate a lot today, something that I did not intend to do but managed to achieve without so much as a second thought. How wrong was I? Very. But buttered mussels and adobo squid (cooked just right, it was so soft and not gummy) can make my knees go weak; specially when I haven’t had any for quite sometime.

For dessert: something that helps with any possible feeling of bloated-ness, banana.

A Sudden Urge

18 01 2010

The plan was to grab lunch and buy a shirt with a Rage Against The Machine print on it … you know? the 90’s rock band.

Why? It’ll be a long day for me given that I’ll be taking home some work and the other one is simply to satisfy my fits of nostalgia. So I dashed as fast as I could in order to moderate my time to put some space between assignments (some reviews from November of last year to present, a separate review for the first two weeks of January, an excel tracker for some metrics and some notes to add on my to do list) and in no time, I was at the mall. Ate, trudged around to look for my shirt, then learned that even if there is a Rage Against The Machine shirt, they didn’t have it on my size. They have this obtuse belief that chicks don’t dig good music. Oh well.

So I continued to walk, to perhaps be distracted off my need to get a 90’s band shirt — you can blame that hankering from Launchcast’s 1990’s Station. I skimmed from shop to shop and tried on some cute swim wears. A few minutes later, when I was about to go home empty handed, I saw this.

Sweet yeah? First glimpse was all it took for me to feel the need to take it home. Now I can’t wait to launch it together with a new Boot Cut jeans I got.

I also tried it on a skirt and it struts quite fine. Now I’m thinking of getting me a new (little) black dress to match my new weight (still not on target though). I haven’t gotten around appropriate clothes shopping for a while so I’ll squeeze that in between my usual crazies. Nothing fancy or over the top; I figured, the goal is to focus attention on the shoes.

I really like it a lot. Its dead-set feminine and it’s always nice to be girlie even when you’re wearing a pantsuit.

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My Sequined Phenom

13 12 2009

Seriously, this is what this shoes’ name is … and I love it.

I did a bit of shopping for our company Christmas Party for tonight and given that the motif was anything and everything sparkling, I thought of the most sensible thing to do. I’m wearing a black top with a few sparkles on them, skinny black jeans and this sequined Charles and Keith stilettos.

To also keep with the spirit, I bought a bright red clutch to top the simple ensemble. To give you an idea, it should look a little something like this:

What the …

13 10 2009

Big mistake, a week too early and a little too jumpy I ended up buying things I shouldn’t. I had a list somewhere but it sat idly mute and ineffective to  my sudden craving to shop.

I ended up going home with a bagful of items for me instead of gifts to friends and family – it was supposed to be an early Christmas shopping. Sometimes I just want to kick myself. I think this is the direct result of weeks and weeks of stress and days of hectic workweek. If that may be the case I can’t  continue living like this. I need to slow down a bit.

I need a drink.

I would need to go out again this coming Saturday and by God I’ll stick to my list if it’s the last thing I do.

Wish me luck.

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To The Mall For The Ball

18 08 2008

I can’t remember the last time I became problematic over a dress. And now remembering the jitters it brought, made me excited.

I’m off to a black and white party, so a good whole day at the mall is in order. Isn’t that grand? Once in a while I get to attend a ball, be a girly girl and just relax … wait.  What relax?  There won’t be relaxations here. Am I supposed to be cramming by now? Yup, I should be. I need to get the best dress that won’t make me look I’ve overdone it.  I also need something that will be fashionable in the most subtle way it can. And oh yeah, it should also not render me penniless after the purchase. I also need to look for a corsage. I want it to have a black ribbon and a white flower… are corsages ordered in advance? I think they are.  Everything will be black, including my shoes except for my pearl earrings and my corsage. The party’s this Saturday but I haven’t prepared anything yet. What if I can’t find a dress? What if I can’t find a shoes? What if no one makes a corsage with black ribbons on them? Shite. My hair. Will I be putting it up in a bun or just set it on a pony tail with little curls on them? And my make up. Who will do my make up?

I wish I had a fairy grandmother.

Now I remember why I don’t often get myself into these things. I just can’t wrap by head over the fact that panic almost always sets in. Oh well, at least I have shopping to look forward too. In case I go home empty handed, I’m sure browsing will be fun… and my friends and I can just hang out at a coffee shop to relax with a magazine or a book.

In case I decline the invite, they can always call me anti-social. Now that would be something new.