Much Ado About A Quarter Pounder…With Cheese

For the first time in five years, I allowed myself a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder. The decision came after an unsystematic choice to open myself to animal protein again. I believe I am at a stage of my life wherein I can control my meat intake for the sole purpose of … well, protein intake. Although I’ve switched on and off eating pork and beef my entire life, I came to a decision that it’s about time I open myself to red meat again. This was when I told myself that I will include it in my meal, at the most, four times a month.  

So upon making yet another life decision, I grabbed my wallet and went straight to McDonald’s. Try as I want to, I can’t remember the last time I ate a burger … a real burger not made of tofu or veggies. So I was wondering how will I take eating beef this time around. When I arrived at the counter a part of me just wanted to buy French fries and a tall glass of pineapple juice but committing to my resolution, I ordered the quarter pounder with cheese and took it to the office.

So there I was, just staring at my meal still thinking of not eating it. But remembering how I was brought up (you do not put in your plate what you can’t finish!), I took a bite. I then made a conclusion of how well my memory retain and recollect just by taste – I concluded the same with smell. My quarter pounder tasted just like when I was 23, it was very tasty and rich with flavour and the mustard, cheese, pickles and ketchup muddled up well. That one bite was followed by slow steady mouthfuls mixed with guilt and satisfaction.

The usual food I ingest does not require too much chewing but having aversion to chocking I chewed my burger well. Perhaps this was my way of helping my tummy digest it a little easier. Soon the extra chomping action became awkward … I don’t remember beef to be so bubble gummy, maybe this takes a little getting used to. I eventually finished my meal and washed it off with a tall glass of pineapple juice.

Shortly, I felt strange … like my body was detesting my new life choice. I felt nauseated for three hours, a welling tummy ache visits me in waves and a weird pulsing ache in my temple told me that something was wrong. I never felt so compelled to stick my finger down my throat.