Race To Witch Mountain

race to witch mountain

The Race to Witch Mountain is a very sorry excuse for a Disney movie.

We find Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson driving a cab living a dead end life after leaving the slammer. One fateful day after being harassed by thugs he use to work with, two kids (AnnaSophia Robb and Alexander Ludwig) ride his cab and pay him loads of money to drive in the middle of nowhere. Somehow, it feels like Transporter only we have a Samoan, ex-wrestler on the wheels. For our ticking clock, we have on their heels assassins and FBIs wanting to put a stop to a mission that may or may not result to total annihilation.

It is flawed as flawed can be. The Race To Witch Mountain is a cliché-ridden movie, with elements that even kids will scratch their heads over trying to make sense of things. For a moment I felt like I’m watching an afternoon sci-fi television show stuck in the twilight zone. It is both punctured with awful special effects and bad directions, that it tethered to a complete waste. It is also extremely under written that turning points are nothing but a blur of inconsistent plots. rtwmAs the character, Jack Bruno, drive the alien kids Sara and Seth, we learn that they have superpowers that makes the purpose of the driver vague. The build up of characters and scenes was bland that the whole composition turned incompetent. The perfunctory let’s save the world and good guys always win theme in Hollywood is excruciatingly abused and this one took home the bacon.

It filters down to a worthless rental, so going to the theatres is a complete and utter misuse of everyone’s time. If you want to enjoy a few hours with your kids you can perhaps just read to them instead.

Somehow it makes me think, Disney is nothing without Pixar.  

 Ratings:    star_halfstar_22star_22star_22star_22