Getting Off My Ath And Doing Some Math

Manual calculations, two words enough to induce me to panic. But right now I have to face the music after my aviation class dictated me to pick it up lest planes starts plummeting to earth. Well, not really but I sure will need arithmetics to get a packed plane from Point A to B.

 With zero expectations and patience in my pocket, I trudged numbers and formulas with hopes of not looking like a fool. I’ve been telling everyone (including myself) that I can’t do math, however my NSAT scores tells me differently. It has always been a will issue and was never about skills, so here I am putting myself to the test. First, I had to learn several rules before I start up with a formula. Then I do a little Six Sigma (don’t fret its just a big word for taking apart and putting together and identifying/ seperating errors along the way) then I get a calculator to make a coherent outline and whoala!… Manually Calculated Air Fare.

Take a look:

I thought my mind won’t grab it but after receiving my coach’s thumbs up, I learned not to be too hard on myslf. Modesty aside, I found out through this test’s reaffirmation, that very little divides me from doing it good. It’s not without pain but this shows that I’m no one-trick pony.