Notes from 4-3-10

3 04 2011

I was reading when you approached me to my right, just silently stood there and waited for me to look up.  So  I looked,  and in an instant all the heartaches, all the headaches I got from you for the past month just vanished.

I miss you so much. We kissed – the kind that won’t let the public blush but it was nonetheless delightfully sweet. No worries, the kind we want will come in later.

You were late but I didn’t mind; errands, a bit of book hunting, shoe shopping (I need flats) and a few minutes to freshen up fixed that.

You took my hand and we walked companionably to our lunch. We sat closely and enjoyed waiting on each other – me pleasurably feeding you tutta carne, putting pasta and fritto on your plate and you getting me my condiments, juice and reminding me to eat more. I love looking after you. It’s such bliss being this close and memorizing your face.

We talked a lot. But I think you talked more and I basically just eagerly stared. I love it when you crack jokes, I love it when you tell me every random bits about you. I wanted to lock us in that moment: An occasion that fixed everything in my life, an event I want to live over and over again. A point in time that reminds me what happiness can really feel.

After lunch, we walked for a while. Then took a cab so we can spend the rest of the day just alone together.

I know I shouldn’t, but I couldn’t break off. My strength failed me and it was terribly beautiful to feel. Every single second kept telling me that even that moment still never seem to be enough. I never seem to have enough of you and you never seem to have enough of me.

Again, what followed, I love with every fibre of my being. Watching and listening to you sleep, letting you hold me whichever way you want and bravely sharing you the whole of me. I never wanted that day to end.

Never, never, never … but it did.


To Read – Later

21 03 2011

A short trip to Greenbelt resulted to Gruber, Rice and Gaiman. I was supposed to get a pair of running shoes but got distracted. Stroud, Gruen, Pratchett and Follett are backlogs.

I’ve read American Gods last year – loaned by a friend – but I wanted my own copy and a reread. So when I saw a good edition, I made a decision to ignore the shoes.

Back In The Vistas

6 08 2010

I suppose I stressed for no reason last Wednesday. The day after, we were back to being okay again. Yipee!

The frequency of our conversation is back to its normal high and we’re again in good graces. I am not feeling the perils of losing him and he’s back to his old sunshiny self. Jeez, I just hope he never caught whiff of my last entry (which was appalling since I wrote it half asleep, half crying and a dab panicked – the writing was a total ewww) that would be horrifying.

I’ve always described my emotional conclusions as ‘nuts’ so there is a probability that I’ve jumped into conclusions. A true waste of time; the perils of of a borderline emo.

I hope it never goes back to that limbo. I like that we’re just like this … no commitment, no hang ups. If it ever progress to anything bigger than the both of us, I pray to God it be stress free.


I need to catch a movie soon. Some good films have brewed out there and I never got the chance to catch it and I hate hate hate that I could not find the time. Something completely drawn from strange given I use to be a girl that makes time for movies.

I’ll try to catch one this weekend or maybe this Monday – I don’t like crowded malls. I hope my work schedule works for me so I don’t have to miss sleep. I want to catch both Salt and Inception – two heavy swigs but I think I can handle it.


All my Sundays are taken.

After purchasing my new DSLR I gave that day (after church of course) to taking practice sessions. I am looking forward to accumulating significant amount of hours and maybe collect several good snaps for a future portfolio.

Now don’t make conclusions that I’m good at this, hell, I’m not. But a good friend of mine, whom I introduced to photography just got shortlisted to Canon’s Photo Contest. A coveted 30 attendees only. Whoa! So maybe just maybe, I can be good too.

I hope its not too hot nor raining for me to go out.


I heard news that Powerbooks is on sale. I’m off to get me some Ian McEwan (Atonement is uh-may-zzzing!). I may still have some backlogs at home but this is a sale people, it would be nuts to let it pass.

Before Kick-Off

2 05 2010

Today is Sunday and I’m watching Oprah while typing this. To my side is my planner.

I haven’t really looked at it as close as I should, save for certain days that dictates an activity or an appointment. While answering some emails and organizing files, I took a peek at what I’ll be having for the week and this is  what I saw:

So before I even get to some fun stuff, I have a handful of things to do. I had no idea that I packed what seems like a little more than what I can focus on. Oh well it’s just a light impasse, no biggie.


Was out with a friend last Thursday. And for the first time in a very long time, I ate once again at Cabalen. After getting my fill, we trudged for shopping. I took home a new top and a tankini -with its back completely void of any material save for two strings (for the neck and the bust area) to tie the whole thing together.

I can’t wait to launch it with my new boardshorts.


I ate a lot today, something that I did not intend to do but managed to achieve without so much as a second thought. How wrong was I? Very. But buttered mussels and adobo squid (cooked just right, it was so soft and not gummy) can make my knees go weak; specially when I haven’t had any for quite sometime.

For dessert: something that helps with any possible feeling of bloated-ness, banana.


7 04 2010

Last Saturday me and J went out and tried a restaurant both of us haven’t tried before. Given both are appropriately hungry, we were gung-ho in checking my agent’s (M and R) recommendation.

Amici is one of the new restaurants in SM Megamall Atrium. Located at the 3rd floor, they serve Italian cuisine that people can find within their budget. I was hesitant at first; I walked in and it didn’t have that homey feeling I use to get from other Italian restaurants. Plus, it was self service – you get your condiments, ice, utensils, plates and whatnots yourself. It was strange not having any waiter wait on you.

The gelato I wished could've fit my tummy after the meal

We ordered the tried and tested, Spaghetti Alla Carbonara mainly so we don’t have to go through  the tedious experimentation over menus we haven’t the slightest clue. We then added, apart from a liter of beverage, Tutta Carne for Pizza and Mozzarella Fritto. When we started eating, the inadequate ambiance instantly took second to how good the food tastes. The portions were bigger than usual (that we found ourselves taking home a  hefty take home) and the carbonara’s plating was done quite well.

Sitting in front (but not close) of the open wood fire oven where you can see the chef putting in his pizzas, I immersed to both the dining and the conversation.

I must say it was a good dine. We walked away from Amici warmed up and so full we couldn’t order the gelato anymore.

Maybe next time.

Conflicted Tongue

7 03 2010

Funny thing, trying to get a girls attention.

Although I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to the deuce it dance, there would still be times wherein I can’t identify if I’m being hit on. That just happened a few hours ago from a night out with a friend.

We were at Starbucks when out of nowhere this young Asian guy approached us and introduced himself. He was very foreign by his looks and he had a very uncommon name (so I forgot what it is) yet he looked quite charming, and no “Dang he’s creepy!” alarm came off in my head. But for the sake of the story being told, let’s call him Sam.

According to Sam he’s an exchange student trying to learn my language. And with his compliant dictionary in hand, he tried to translate the following:




My friend was able to put the words together and recapitulated that Sam was asking if I like to eat Sushi. I said yes and given the language barrier our chat consisted of me apologizing most of the time for not understanding. He was constantly pleasant during the very short conversation but was obviously straining to get his thoughts across. And the thought was, according to my friend, he (perhaps) would like to ask you out.

When the lady and the gentleman from the other table started snickering at his impoverished approach to perhaps take me and my friend out to dinner, he went back to his table (back to his friend who had a huge smile on his face) and maybe explain his failure to bait us.

A few minutes later, Sam and his friend stood up to leave and gave us a cheery goodbye.

So there I was, wishing I picked up the signal a little faster and possibly get to know him better. Why? Just for the heck of it and it’s not everyday I get to catch an exchange student’s attention.  Wink. Also, maybe because I’m good with the two language I know, I can probably teach them a thing or two so no city shark takes advantage of them.

Oh well.

Coffee Shop Scribbles

27 01 2010

This morning, after getting official word that Avatar finally decided to nudge Titanic off its top spot, I took a beeline to the closest theater that has 3D. Now, sitting at a coffee shop sipping my honeyed Earl Grey tea, I can say that the novelty hasn’t faded. It still is a kick-ass movie and I think it’ll be that way for a long loooong time.

This is going to be my second, and hopefully not the last, viewing. I still haven’t seen it in 2D and given that I’m running out of time (they will soon take it off circulation for newer films), I feel I have to have it on my calendar soon.

The final tally (in dollar amount) will come in Tuesday evening US time.


I currently have four unread books sitting on my shelf. Just enough to last me until (perhaps) May — dang, I would read  twice as much if I wasn’t so darn lazy.

I have the new novels written by Audrey Niffenegger and Elizabeth Kostova; both lengthy novels that would need proper time management. The other two –  written by Neil Gaiman and James Patterson, can be safely and comfortably tackled during one of my weekends. Actually, if I’m a good girl, I can cover all four by the end of March. Given I still have five to eight more on my purchase list, I acknowledge that I do have to get a move on.


Do you remember me pining about a little black dress? Well I finally got one and it’s so pretty.

I just hope it’ll still be pretty on me, too.

There isn’t any special occasion to tell you honestly. I just felt the need to get one, well because I’m a girl. And sometimes, girls just like to buy pretty dresses. I promise myself that I’ll wear it on my engagement party.

But first, allow me to hunt a man for that occasion. LOL.


Enough of these musings … hmm, musings. Why does that word hang in my tongue like I was supposed to do something about it. Why, oh why? Hmm … oh shoot! Now I get it. Me, Mona and Ayie are supposed to be putting up a blog with that name. Muse and Musings, that was what we agreed on. And we were supposed to be discussing more of it over Skype.

I can’t believe I’ve been so inattentive with my comings and goings. This is an important project, how the hell did I manage to forget it?

I can be an awful friend sometimes.


I’ve just gone and finished reading a book.

In between writing these thoughts down, thinking about a guy with an accent, sipping my tea, calculating my expenses for the past few days, and watching people type away in their laptops (I’m doing this article old school — pen and paper), I finished reading a book.

I may or may not write a review about it but I wanted you to know it was very good. Now I suddenly feel I have to write two book reviews (one I finished yesterday and this) … for readers that may or may not exist.


A calm day; I need more of these.

The kind that does not clutch itself on deadlines. The kind that can while away inside a coffee shop that plays lite music. The kind that isn’t toxic, infuriating, hodgepodged, and unbelievably fast it can’t be described as living but coping. To some degree, I now understand why people like hanging out at coffee shops.

But first off, I should do this more often. Write long-hand, I mean.

Although my laptop have provided me with numerous  assistance, it still can’t beat the eternal power of the physical hand to pen and pen to paper. To where the world is at  this has now become a rarity. I don’t even know anyone who writes their journal/ diary via paper. And that’s saying a lot coming from someone who use to be surrounded by writers in dire need of therapy.

Sit on this one if you will. Do you know anyone who comes in a coffee shop armed with pen and paper with a sincere intent for cursive?

Write down an assignment, a letter (to be sent via post — something I also want to talk about), a research, a plan, a grocery list, daily expenses, a simple note etc. Some of you will say yes, but it’ll be very few. On your next coffee shop visit, sit there a little longer than you usually do and you will find out that I do have a case. Count the number of laptop (or any electronic writing device) versus pen and paper.

Note to self: At least now you have a reason purpose to sit for long hours at a coffee shop: Long hand and spelling. God knows how lousy you are with spelling.