Waiting For My Pay Check To Come

I hate being broke. I hate touching my measly savings. I hate that I was unable to enjoy my weekends. I hate that I can’t buy that magazine I’ve been meaning to read. And most of all, I hate that I’m counting the few pennies I have until I completely tap out.

I hate that I fret every waking moment until I get my hands on my paycheck; especially when me and a bunch of co-workers had to be at ClubSixFifty to watch the games. Perhaps the only thing that was good for my Sunday is that I was able to gather my nerves and walk into the DJ’s booth to say “hi” to an old friend. I was a little shy because I thought Big Daddy Jake won’t recognize me anymore but the moment I stepped in with my big smile, his eyes changed to “I Know You” and immediately boomed his big voice of “Hey You”. Now that was the buzz I needed to end my exceptionally trite day. Apart from Tina Ryan, he was one of those who are constantly kind. Well Moe was nice then too (he gets me movie tickets a lot) … but right now, I think no one would ever believe me after all the shinnanigans he has gotten himself in. Ahhh, good times.

Crap, I’m broke.