So who is JC?

JC has dreadlocks. JC wears a big smile. JC feels awkward in front of the camera. JC plays the guitars. JC haven’t been in the beach for a while. JC is charming. JC became popular after joining American Idol. JC’s real name is Jason Castro. JC is my favourite idol.

 The thing about me and American Idol is I always go for the dark horse. I like those with raw talent that doesn’t throttle you with octave after octave of notes. What Jason Castro successfully accomplished throughout the competition was to be himself and just sing from his heart. Watching him continue week after week has been a breath of fresh air and it somehow lulled me to a laid-back setting. Watching him proved to be a vivid and calming experience, I think that’s what you get from pensive singers.

He has the ability to be haunting too.  He tells a story while singing, and he bares so much soul that you can hear the song being played in the loneliest movie (just when the hero sets out for a journey) or perhaps at a closing credit of a coming of age film. He identifies with his song choice with such sincerity it drives a knife deep enough to hurt but not to kill. His rendition of Hallelujah (video above) proves this emotional resonance quite succinctly.

Although JC was unable to get to top 3 I still think he’s a very good singer and I would most definitely love to watch him live – unplug. His exit might have come off as stale and predictable but this was the time (according to numerous reports) that he was ready to go home. He felt that his journey in the contest is getting the best of him and the absence of a decent explanation proved that he’s had his fill of the limelight.

I think it’s just astute not to go to the dark side. It sells just to be the pensive dark horse that he really is.