I’m On It

I’m not entirely sure what possessed me to sign up for so much activity these past days. A third of the time, I’d hit my bed already asleep or half asleep and given my errands are up to my chin, I’ve been eating like crazy – crazier than usual.

And to cap it all off, hudathunk I’ll have residuals that still needs attending come next week? Thank heavens for my cellphone alarm and planner I was able to manage half of it without infuriating anyone that I missed. As of press time I have a few hours to type these thoughts down before meeting up with a friend to discuss some business. If it wasn’t for money – and we all know I loooooovvve money – I’d just stay at home and watch TV or sleep.

And before I forget, try running around the city after six, yup six, vials of blood have been drawn from you. Well, I did that. A routine check up turned out to be something more and now I may have Iron Deficiency Anemia (a probable indication was my easily getting bruised brouhaha, grooved nails, poor appetite and tinnitus). When I was told I needed to go through fasting I felt the need to hurl the snow globe the doctor  was using as a paper weight. But alas opted to imagine it instead, I just had to remind myself that he didn’t know me and that most of the time food is my crutch. Sigh.

So there I was, pricked at the tip of my left ring finger, three vials to the left arm on the first day then three to the right on the second day. Makes me wonder, won’t I really become iron deficient if they keep bleeding me? Hmmm.

Don’t get me wrong now; I love the busy. The busy keeps me sane. The busy keeps me company (not that the people around me aren’t). The busy reminds me that I’m alive. The busy reminds me of my blessings. And the busy, allows me to avoid having to ponder things that I shouldn’t even be bothering myself with.

Next week should be better (I hope); that long needed vacay is headed my way and nothing feels good than the thought of waves and the sand on my feet.

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