I Have Five Minutes

24 12 2010

Let me see if I can still do this.

My last post was approximately two months ago; ages, considering I never pass three days without writing a paragraph. But as my tasks dragged along, I found little to almost zero time to sit and scribble.

I haven’t been at leisure to anything for the past six months. Finding time was a game of hide and seek. It was something for entertainment and an intention delivered only to myself. Sadly, life made a work out of it. Tsk. Eventually, I gave in and drew my white flag. Right now, I am mulling over how to arrange things so I don’t have to settle in leaving this page for months. I’m still in my drawing board, but I wish to accomplish a simple schedule for me to squeeze some scribble time.

So far I’ve missed reviewing my best movie of all time (Inception) something I am not too riled about because, heck, I’m not going to pretend I can ride its intellectual-wave. One thing’s for sure, I kiss the ground Inception’s writer walks on. I’ll wipe their ass if asked. Tour de force does not illustrate it, it breathes it. I love Inception, I admire Inception and I am willing to see it a hundred times over. Can you tell? I’m nuts about it.

After spending a few more thoughts over the list of movies I’ve seen, my most anticipated also escaped the review list. If there was anything worth spending my money and time with, it would be for the first installment of HP7. You can’t improve on the director but he tried improving the narrative, something I appreciated. Until the last moment of its almost three hour run, I was agape. Going to the movies was another good deed rendered. I had a smile up to my ears.

Thinking further through my movie list, I remembered someone asking me to review The Social Network. I had no intentions by the way but the request was hard to decline. If it wasn’t for that perhaps I’d be running around doing something else.

Books? What about it? Oh shoot, yes I nearly forgot. I use to read them. Mind you I still love them. I use to devour them one after another, however after I entered the real world and had to keep a job, I decided it can only be done once a month. And once a month a new book is finished. I think I have a total of 13 this 2010. But the bad news is, I could not for the life of me, finish the one I started last November. It can and will still be finished but that leaves me with an empty December. What an awful truth.

I still have a handful standing in my shelf. I wonder when I’ll start with them.

That’s that – the mind boggles but heck, life changes. So what about my personal life? Hmm, let me see.

By the time I started lagging with my writing – my usual reaction would be to throw myself out (figuratively) and give myself some heavy flogging so the lesson sticks – but this time, something amidst the hubbub calmed me. That needs a whole lot of talking and I think I reached my limit for the day.

Tomorrow I’ll try to write again. If it happens, I’ll tell you about the guy I’m with.



30 06 2010

It was automatic and for a moment the world stopped . And I immediately sent the Heaven’s my prayer: please let me still be around to experience it. Please let me. Unless of course you have mind blowing theatres up there.

Grand, no?

It’s sooo kick ass. I have no other words to describe it.

The Tales Of Beedle The Bard – Out Soon

6 10 2008

 If you’ve been living under a rock the size of Hogwarts, it’s possible that you haven’t heard about the good news. It’s been circulating for so long now and I thought about it again just now.

A few months ago, I was complaining about my lack of luck in buying me my own copy of Beedle The Bard – it costs £ 1,950,000 and I don’t exactly have spare change lying around in that amount, so I had to stash my wanting in dream land. However, shortly after the first few pieces were sold, J.K. Rowling announced that it‘d be mass-produced for all the fans to read and own.

The Tales of Beedle The Bard is a children’s book given to Hermione by Dumbledor after his untimely death. It proved key for Harry to understand the power that divides him from becoming his enemy and conquering a futile mission. The book was believed to be a fable but was soon proved true (a bit blemished, but still rooted from a true wizarding life, lived by three brothers a long time ago). 

Yes, it may not be the limited, handwritten and bejeweled edition, but still, I will be able to own my copy soon. There might not be a movie this year (crazy Warner Brother’s … you think you can slug it with Transformers! Talk about pushing your luck) but this is a very good substitute.

Mark your calendar – December 4, 2008.

Twilight Over Half Blood

20 08 2008

I’m sure you’ve heard it by now but if you still haven’t, they are moving The Half Blood Price’s screening from November of ’08 to July of ’09.

I’ve already planned my November calendar and this one swims against it. From my trip, I’ll fly back to the city and catch the movie. But since it’s not going to happen anymore, I think going back from my vacation from cold cold north will not be very exciting as I hoped it would be.

harry, hermione and ron
Harry, Hermione and Ron

Harry Potter

Apparently there have been issues with the movie’s editing that they had to bring it back to the chopping board for a more fit version. The recent writers strike influenced the stability of the script prompting a need to rethink and innovate the loose ends. In addition, the motivation for a tricky change of date is that there won’t be anything big for U.S. Summer ’09. Perhaps what Warner Brothers is after is the same wave the Dark Knight rode on. It is hard to deny that the juggernaut that is Batman had things set for them having no equal competition in the market. Summer blockbuster almost always transmit bigger income as opposed to a fall release. Records show that Order of the Phoenix reeled in more than the other HP movies because it released mid-summer.

Edward, Bella and Jacob
Edward, Bella and Jacob


With the untimely change in the line up for November film release, Summit Entertainment saw the opportunity and jumped the track. They are now releasing Twilight on November 21 instead of December 12. This new-born phenomena authored by a supposed JK Rowling wannabe, saw a window difficult to pass. Twilight has been building enough momentum to be noticed, that cradling the very much peeved Potter fans became difficult to pass. Its potential is believed to be strong enough to make the Twilight Series a franchise.

With or without replacement, it’s hard to deny that so many fans are upset with Warner Brothers decision. It’s rather difficult to see past the fact that they’ve already made an announcement and we’re missing Harry Potter this 2008.

Twilight better be worth it.

Here’s Some News on Villains, Wallpapers and Movies

14 07 2008

I said it before and I’ll say it again, Darth Vader lives in the same neighborhood (Villainville) as Voldemort … and now, he’s reading about him too. LOL.

I was looking around for the new Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince movie stills when I came across this picture. I had to hold myself from laughing. I wanted to send a thank you note to whoever took this picture. I love it. Love it with a fang that I just had to make it my new wallpaper.


 I bet he’s rooting for his pal.

Oh, and about those new stills for the November release (mark your calendar November 17, at least in this side of the world the rest will get it by November 21)… here it is.

Director David Yates help the kids into a scene.

Our reluctant hero is about to journey the inner workings of his enemy. But before that, Professor Mcgonagall gives him a word of advise.

This is no child’s play anymore. Harry think things through after learning a secret.

Draco Malfoy is given a mission by Lord Voldemort. Will he succeed to become a murderer?

Luna Lovegood wearing her famous Quibbler Spectrespecs.

Harry being tutored by Professor Slughorn played by acclaimed British actor Jim Broadbent.

They have Voldemort for a problem but first these two need to help Ron face his fear.

Fear of … audience. We all know Ron’s a very good Keeper.

The trio discussing their strategy for the game and the current mystery they are trying to uncover.

There are rumours circulating that The Dark Knight might show The Half Blood‘s tailer. This might be true because they are both released by Warner Brothers, and Half Blood just wrapped last May 22. So far no confirmation yet, but it would be great if they did. It’ll be such a treat for all movie goers,I’m so stoked.

*Thanks to Mugglenet for the pictures.

Entertainment Weekly Special Double Issue: The New Classics

11 07 2008

There was a definite need to be entertained. I’ve mulled over the dreaded end this whole brouhaha about oil price, I unknowingly induced myself to nervous twitches.


I couldn’t find a book, I couldn’t find a movie I haven’t seen and I couldn’t find anything to purchase enough for the few pennies I have in my pocket. It’s terrifying. So the first thing a human had to do is find something free – bookstore. Right, a bookstore. Somewhere to escape and read anything that will take me away and suspend certainty that it’s unequivocally the end of the world – enter, Entertainment Weekly Special Double Issue June 2008.


It features The New Classics. It dives deep to anything and everything that’s pop in the entertainment business for the past 30 years. For one, I’ve never provided a feedback or a review about a magazine but I’ll give this one a shot (mostly jut an overview) knowing that there are several prevalent pursuits of leisure that actually shaped the world – one way or another.


Movies (Top 5 out of 100)

1.    Pulp Fiction – 1994

2.    The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy  – 2001to 2003

3.    Titanic – 1997

4.    Blue Velvet – 1986

5.    Toy Story – 1995

–      Out of the top five out of 100, four I agree with (I still have to see Blue Velvet, I must have been sick or got stuck under a rock when that came out). Although there are a handful of personal faves that should have been on the top five, still, this is too broad a topic one can easily shrug as acceptable.


My Personal Faves out of the Top 100

1.    Saving Private Ryan – 1998

2.    Moulin Rouge – 2001

3.    Edward Scissorhands – 1990

4.    Schindler’s List – 1993;  back-story: I had this movie for a review for my Social Science class. The teacher’s an idiot. She did not understand half the things I wrote about and gave me a C; I wanted to gas her … up until now.

5.    A Room With A View – 1986; I was a child when I saw this on tape, to everyone’s surprise I raved about it. They thought I was too young to even understand

6.    Fight Club – 1999

7.    Brokeback Mountain -2005

8.    Full Metal Jacket – 1987

9.    Gladiator – 2000

10. Rain Man – 1988


My Own New Classics That Didn’t Make The Cut… I wonder why

1.    Empire Of The Sun

2.    E.T.

3.    The Karate Kid

4.    Far and Away

5.    Big


Television (Top 5 out of 100)

1.    The Simpson – (1989-present)

2.    The Sopranos (1999-2007)

3.    Seinfeld (1989-1998 )

4.    The X-Files (1993-2002)

5.    Sex And The City (1998-2004)


–      Out of the top five, I agree with three (I wasn’t into the Sopranos and Seinfeld because the momentum was never reallly created). I’ve been pleasantly marooned to several series that are included in The New Classics yet I can’t find anything in particular that I can put my anchor on. I can pick a few faves but nothing resonates as much as my favourite local shows like:

1.    John and Marcia

2.    Palibhasa Lalaki

3.    Abangan Ang Susunod na Kabanata

4.    Ating Alamin

5.    Ora Engkantada


However, some of the items listed did bring smiles and I honestly did (do, for the first on the list) follow them.

1.    The Simpson (1989-present)

2.    The Sopranos (1999-2007)

3.    Seinfeld (1989-1998 )

4.    The X-Files (1993-2002)

5.    Sex And The City (1998-2004)   


Music (Top 5 out of 100)

 1.    Purple Rain – Prince and the Revolution; 1994

2.    The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill – Lauryn Hill; 1998

3.    Achtung Baby – U2; 1991

4.    The College Drop Out – Kenye West;2004

5.    Madonna – Madonna; 1983


–      Out of the top five, I agree with two (Lauryn Hill and U2 … if I can just find my copy). There are 100 albums on the list and I have a handful that I surely will put on top if I was the one who made this.

1.    MTV Unplugged in New York – Nirvana; 1994

2.    Odelay – Beck; 1996

3.    A Rush Of Blood To The Head – Coldplay; 2002

4.    Turn On The Bright Lights – Interpol; 2002

5.    Crazy Sexy Vool – TLC; 1994


Some I wish made the cut

 1.Franz Ferdinand – Franz Ferdinand; 2004

2.Hot Fuzz – The Killers; 2004

3.Eraserheads Anthology

4.The Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The King – soundtrack by Howard Shore; 2003

5.Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban – soundtrack by John Williams; 2004


Books (Top 5 out of 100)

1.    The Road – Cormac McCarthy; 2006

2.    Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire – should I even tell you who wrote it?; 2000

3.    Beloved – Toni Morrison; 1995

4.    The Liars Club – Mary Karr; 1995

5.    American Pastoral – Philip Roth; 1997


–      I won’t say much except, I’m buying the other four that I don’t have a

copy of. And I’ll tell you later what’s up with the rage.


I Hope This Also Made The Cut

1.    My Story – Dave Pelzer

2.    Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro

3.    Bag Of Bones – Stephen King

4.    Trip To Quiapo – Ricky Lee

5.    Twisted Series – Jessica Zafra


Reading through the vast collections of The New Classics, each painstakingly put together, appraised and considered, I wonder how the team went through this calvalcade . How in the world do you take the world’s pulse and put them into paper? It’s a marvel to even think of the enormity of research and brainstorming that was put here.


This is a very good read. It makes me want to kick myself for being so paranoid about the world I know, it might be the end, but at least good things came out of it.


I feel much better now.

Beetle The Bard

30 05 2008

I’ve resigned to the fact that I will not get a hold of the eighth marvelous work of J.K. Rowling. Unless of course she decides to reproduce and circulate it commercially like all her other books or if I win the lottery.

One of seven copies of these coveted books fetched for a total of £ 1,950,000 at Sotheby’s in England late 2007. The book contains clues that were to prove crucial to Harry Potter’s final mission to destroy Lord Voldemort’s Horcruxes, The Tales of Beedle the Bard is the volume of five wizarding fairy-tales left to Hermione Granger by Albus Dumbledore in the seventh and final book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Only one – The Tale of the Three Brothers – is recounted in the book. In Tales of Beedle the Bard, the four remaining tales are revealed for the first time.

Lucky bastard! Imagine taking home a limited edition, illustrated and handwritten (by the author) masterpiece … I wish  I had a rich dad, too. It sucks to be me in times like these.