A Haunting

What my naked eyes did not see my camera was able to capture. I believe in ghosts but never in my entire life did I realize that I will be able to capture one using my camera.

Me and a bunch of friends decided to see a famous haunted house up north after an afternoon at a nearby park. The thought came to us after sharing scary stories under a slowly darkening sky and creeping cold. We eventually found ourselves speeding down a long winding road that seem to have the lowest population of lamp posts. And as we drove, we became more and more stoked to witness and disprove all the hubbubs about the infamous White House of Baguio or most aptly named Laperal House.

Upon arriving, I started to feel strange. Baguio can be cold especially at night but when we parked in front of the house the temperature went down a little lower and swifter than usual. The manor greeted us with a single light at the corner of its porch but no light was emanating from inside. I also started feeling like someone was watching us. I left the car absolutely hesitant, but since I didn’t want to lose face I went ahead and decided not to tell anyone that I was beginning to get scared. We lurked around the parameters of the house and took pictures. Soon after, a friend of mine said that she was feeling weird, that she was having goose bumps not because of the cold but because of the house. According to her, when she touched the rusty gates to pose for a picture she felt like someone touched her back.

According to our driver, who is a local of the town, no one is living in the house anymore. A caretaker visits once in a while to clean, but that’s about it. There’ve been documentaries of the place revealing stories of the paranormal. According to rumors, a lady wearing a white dress have been occupying this manor for as long as the neighborhood can remember.

The manor was built in the 1920’s which was owned by the town’s richest family: the Laperal’s. During the Japanese occupation, the house was used by imperialist soldiers as headquarters. The mother and father were killed in the process but the children were spared, letting them live a life full of sadness and anger. The last of the Laperal’s died old and alone. According to the neighbors, the last Laperal died after a freak accidentt that happened in the backyard. Legend’s say that he slipped and fell but no one was around to help. He eventually died but not after trying to get help by banging his cane to get attention. To this day, caretakers can sometimes hear the old man hitting the old wooden house with his walking stick. After the last Laperal died, no one lived in the manor anymore. Through time, the house has become shelter for restless souls. Locals have seen little children playing, an old man walking the grounds and a lady looking from the inside.

The picture below took time for me to get because my camera started acting up and refused to respond. I tried for several times but it still would not work. At first I couldn’t understand why it froze when I have a full battery and more than enough camera memory. I eventually turned it off and after a few seconds, I switched it back on and hurried to take a snapshot. I didn’t know why I was hurrying but by this time a voice at the back of my head was telling me that someone didn’t want me taking pictures.

White Haunted House in Baguio

The trip in the manor lasted for around twenty minutes but everyone had a strong feeling of being watched.

When I got home the next day, I loaded my pictures and saw several orbs. It was odd because I always kept my lenses clean and I don’t remember encountering neither fog nor dusts while shooting. One picture stood out for no reason, too. This was when a thought came to me instantly. I zoomed into this window …


and saw an angry face of a lady looking back. 

Ghost looking out from inside a window

When I realized what I was looking at, I jumped off my seat utterly petrified. She looks like she’s wearing a dark cloak and glaring with her cold cloudy eyes. Whatever she was thinking I knew it was something about our unwelcomed visit and how much she wanted us to leave.

At the beginning of the visit, I felt like someone was watching us from behind the window… now I know I’m right. And sometimes, I just hate being right.