Pictures From The Rookie

I suppose at one point leading meant muscles; but most of the time it’s getting along with people.

To the able bodies of my former team, CUAL1; for making my days a little more happy than they use to and allowing me to push them … around, LOL:

Shayne, Fer, Cynthia, Ef, Cathy, Jun-Vi, Dre, Jen, Yssa, Bev, Hannah, Jaycee, Dennis, Nel, Judy and Apple Pie

And to those who shared with us:

Dencio, Atok, Josh and Ayene


My Last Trip With The Old Team

A few weeks back, me and my team went out of town for a bit of interlude from stress. The place of choice wasn’t very far and it was quite convenient serving a bit of hiking and a lot of swimming, which is up to everyone’s alley.

This will probably be my last video about these group of people. We’ve managed to grow while we were together and growing –in the industry we live in – predominantly mean, separating the moment each is strong enough.

I hope they like what I’ve made. It’s a little screwed on the timing (I was waaay past my bedtime so I couldn’t count on producing quality videos), but I tried.


Old Vacation Stock Photos

By now I’m sure you can tell I’ve gone video montage crazy. Maybe I have and maybe I haven’t, but my friends seem to like that I have time to spare to make their pictures a little more interesting than usual, plus I did promise to make them one – about a year ago … so better late than never.

I miss the people in the pictures … there might be a slim chance for us to put the group back together for another escape – since it was a matter of chance we found each other – but hoping against hope almost always makes the impossibility a little more plausible.

Thanks to the E-heads for the music. I never seem to fail when I use your songs to envoke nostalgia.

OD After Closing Shop

Time passes. Even when it seems impossible … It passes unevenly, in strange lurches and dragging lulls, but pass it does. – Stephanie Meyer

It’s been six months since we closed shop … I hope after we took separate roads, all of you are okay and living a better and happier life from before. Not that it was not good or happy, but we all know goodbyes are always a pain. I’ve put together some pictures of our team and our friends. It’s not much and I still have to work on the pixels but I tried.

This one’s for all of you.

See you around!

Loose Cannons

I woke up with a start and the sky is still dark – it’s 1:34am. How long have I been sleeping? 45 minutes. Why can’t I stay asleep?  Better busy yourself or you’ll start thinking crazy things again. Read – rest your eyes you just finished one. Food – you just ate. Play a video game – you don’t play video games. Call ‘Mr. Unavailable But He’s Dating You’ – he’s sleeping, we don’t want to bother him over nonsensical discussions. Face it, you’re stuck.

There is a steady drizzle outside my room – thank God for the lovely weather – and the lack of better things to do can’t seem to find me. Broke, home alone and with a fuzzy cable tv connection, I thought of a small project. Don’t you have some new pictures you wanted to tinker with? Right. But photoshop is boring. Then do something else with it.

The voice at the back of my head just gave me an idea …

I can’t wait to go out with them again – but first you gotta stop being broke first.