City Treks

Within the metropolis is a quiet place good for a leisurely walk and a picnic… sort of reminds me of Central Park, minus the crime of course. With my friend Irene, I took my trustworthy camera to La Mesa Eco Park and brought home some pictures.


Coy Fish in a pond … I felt peaceful watching them.


Blue Daffodils … couldn’t pick them, it was just too pretty.


Without adjusting the camera and with the perfect natural light, I was able to capture it just the way I want it.


A view from the top. I can shoot on my right but not to my left since it’s already the dam. They forbid it for security purposes.


A foreboding tree.


Walking home.


For those with keen eyes, they will see that I still need to practice my photoshop. Spot the miss.


La Mesa Eco Park is located at Fairview, Quezon City. It offers: biking, boating, paintball field, swimming pool, picnic tables, orchidarium, butterfly hatchery, fresh air and a place to escape the city noise without leaving the metro.