David vs David

It’s a tall order … they have got to get a real winner this time, not just for this season but a winner who can sustain a carrier after the curtain goes down.  There have been 7 seasons, but so far, they have just produced two talents that can survive after exiting the contest (Clarkson and Underwood).  The competition have suffered the noteriety of successfully snubbing real talents that can fish revenue (Daughtry and Dream Girls famed, Jennifer Hudson).

However, before I assault you with my gibberish tirade of how the last two days of Season 7 went, let me just say … dang, that’s the corniest opening I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life.  What’s the deal?! Who’d thought of introducing this high-ratings show with a boxing announcer and analyst?  He should be shot, or better yet exterminated – people like him/ her who are under the pretense that they are artistic are vermins.  Honestly, there was no need for a cornball circus just to sell.  The show’s a winner without so much as a blah blah, like wearing boxing robes.

I think I need my chill pill.

The Nokia Theatre looked pack to the brim to witness the two Davids slugging it out.  The first two songs chosen by music mogul Clive David was a good warm up for every cheers, jeers and mayhem that ensued in each side.  Also, they were simultaneously coached by Andrew Lloyd Webber, who gladly reprised his role a few weeks back during Theatre Song Week.  He leads them with resonating chutzpah and advice to excel in every presentation and perhaps bring out more talent juice out from them.  First round according to Simone, goes to Archuleta.

I just wanted to say that while being provided feedback, Archuleta looked like a sissy… what’s the up with looking like you’re about to cry?  Are you buying sympathy or are you giving us a preview of how you will look like pre breakdown if you don’t win.  Cook on the other hand took it like a man … with balls and a thank you.

Second round, the contestants select the song. Cook goes first; Guitar in hand a band behind him, he belts to his heart’s content but Simone was not impressed.  After a commercial break, young David croons us with his chosen ballad.  This is the same formula that kept him going for weeks and he decided to use the same strategy to score.  Truthfully, I wasn’t crazy about the song, Simon states the reason why (egotistical and self-centred).  And again, Simone influences the votes by expressing his choice – Archuleta.

Last round, Cook sang a song he has not sang before.  Archie on the other hand covered a song we’ve heard him chant many times over.  Cook suffers a wrong song choice for such a pivotal moment and jabs a bit on Archuleta’s choice (why sing a song I did before?) to explain himself.  Once more, the young David takes it home.

Again, let me just make a statement … what the hell? Why does Archuleta feel the need to look like he’s about to have a breakdown in every feedback session?  I freekin hate it when someone is trying to manipulate the voters sympathy, I will only buy his drama if I see tears but until then, get a grip.  Just sing and say thank you for the pleasant observations, daggammit. Talk about hokey.

The show ended with the three judges conspiring that the night (day or afternoon, wherever you’re from; there are 130 countries watching) belonged to the young David. Only two song choice was of their own volition whilst the first one was swung by Clive Davis. Obviously, Archie kept to his same method while Cook dabbled with what he thought the fans call for in order to reel in the votes.

David Cook’s songs include; U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”,  Emily Shackelton’s “Dream Big”, and Collective Soul’s “The World I Know.” Only one, earned him a good review from the judges and this was a song chosen by a genius for him. The latter, proved a risk he should not have taken. Simon was right, he should have sang “Hello” or his recent chart hit “Always Be My Baby”.

Archie’s songs include: Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me,” Ryan Gillmor’s self absorbed “In This Moment,” and the undying John Lennon ballad “Imagine”. I’m sure by now after reading my invectives, you’ve identified that Archie seem to have won the judges opinions. But if that’s the case, there’s no need to open the lines for four hours in order for fans to vote, so yes, there is still hope. American Idol might just make the right choice this time.

To be continued …