Will The Better David Please Stand Up?

I had my money on the right David, as Cook goes home bagging the penultimate prize.

After 19 weeks, this single night pulled 97.5 million votes and 56 percent went to my bet. Buzzed and stoked, I followed the show until the final leg was put to rest –although an uninvited snitch gave me an unsolicited report– and I must say that I am very much relieved of the results. I sooo knew he’ll win.

Pre announcement, we were treated with a bit of the American Idol tour that the magic twelve will be bringing on the road. Given that I won’t be able to witness the spectacle, it was nice that I at least got a glimpse of the concert. It was also a treat that my favourite idol, Jason Castro, sang his much-loved “Hallelujah.” It’s nice to note that he is the only performer who did a solo for the night. It was charming how his hand shook while he belted a piece that endeared him to the judges and took our attention. Try as he might, holding the microphone with his two hands didn’t control the tremors brought about by adrenaline. He’s cute like that, ahihi.

Special participations from Guru Pitka (Mike Myers), Seal, Donna Summers, Jimmy Kimmel, Bryan Adams, ZZ Top, Jonas Brothers, George Michael and our very own Reynaldo Lapuz (I am your brother, your best friend forever famed). Yeah I know what you’re thinking, what’s up with the second rate washed up act? Well the truth is, American Idol is just preparing us with the obvious. They’ve produced more washed-up-has-beens than winners so why not celebrate them by getting performers we haven’t seen top the charts for years. Oh yeah, with the exception of Reynaldo Lapuz, he’s still to be washed up and he hasn’t even seen the light of the bottom of the charts.

Allow me to digress. What the hell is Jordin Sparks wearing? A tin foil? And damn, Blake Lewis is so obvious he’s wanting to switch places with her. Also, good job on the Gladys Night clip with Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr and Ben Stiller but following it with a Carry Underwood performance might not be that smart. The funny guys and Ms. Night is just a tough act to follow. By this time, the program is growing old and we start to wonder if someone switched the channel to VH1: Out Of Frame Special.

When the audience started to get tired of the long-winded exhibition, Ryan Seacrest reels us back to the purpose of the show. This is when I’m reminded how stoked I am in hearing the good news myself. The judges offer a short advice and feedback before the roll out. Like always Paula is useless, Randy is a dog and Simon delivers astute words. He summarizes his experience with the two Davids and how he felt after last night’s performance.

So there we were, Ryan articulates the David who won and followed it with the word Cook. It was biting and hilarious for Archie’s part. The smile that seemed sweet for many turned stoically strange.  I was hoping he would cry and be the bratty baby that he is. Archie carried out a first-rate practice of his post defeated grimace the other day thus he is well equipped to receive the blow … haha, now he’s given a reason to cry. Instead, he moved to a corner and put on a plastic smile. The self-deprecating Cook on the other hand, takes it in stride, with a bow and with his cute smugness tried his darndest best not to let the water works start. It was sweet and gratifying.

Going back to the judges, it seems unlikely that Cook is going home with the bacon when all they ever did to him the night before is nothing short of bashing. I mean come on, they almost said Archie is the winner but in truth, Cook is leaving with almost 60 percent of the vote. This I declare to be their lack of connection with the general viewers. They’ve maintained a distant pulse of what is really out there thus it is safe to conclude that eliminating Michael Johns, Carly Smithson or even the interview-challenged Jason Castro might be a mistake. This ultimately puts a question on their purpose. Do we really need them?

Oh well. Right now, all we have to wait for is how Cook will prove his worth.