A Bum’s Life

Okay, so this was a spur of the moment egging that drove Jen to invite us over and cook for us. Suffice it to say, we invited ourselves. LOL. The plan was not to do anything – basically just bum around – and wait until food is served. For a moment, I thought it would be nice to bring something along. So I bagged a chocolate ice cream, a liter and a half of Mountain Dew and trudged my happy self to their place.

We might not have come unannounced but the ruckus was a sure ambush. It eventually led to beer, Twilight book nitpicking, ghost stories and MTV Cribs. We sure annoyed the bejesus out of the neighbors.

I liked it a lot. It sort of reminded me of my school days when semesters are broken with lazy afternoons hanging out with friends.


You know what to do: hover, choose, click and save. Enjoy guys.

DSC02507.jpg DSC02508.jpg DSC02509.jpg DSC02511.jpg DSC02512.jpg 

DSC02514.jpg DSC02513.jpg DSC02515.jpg DSC02517.jpg DSC02516.jpg 

DSC02518.jpg DSC02519.jpg DSC02520.jpg DSC02521.jpg DSC02522.jpg

DSC02523.jpg DSC02524.jpg DSC02525.jpg DSC02526.jpg DSC02527.jpg

DSC02528.jpg DSC02529.jpg DSC02530.jpg DSC02531.jpg DSC02532.jpg

DSC02533.jpg DSC02534.jpg DSC02535.jpg DSC02536.jpg DSC02537.jpg

DSC02538.jpg DSC02539.jpg DSC02540.jpg DSC02541.jpg DSC02542.jpg

DSC02543.jpg DSC02544.jpg DSC02545.jpg DSC02546.jpg DSC02547.jpg

DSC02548.jpg DSC02549.jpg DSC02550.jpg DSC02551.jpg DSC02552.jpg

DSC02553.jpg DSC02554.jpg DSC02555.jpg DSC02556.jpg DSC02557.jpg

DSC02558.jpg DSC02559.jpg DSC02560.jpg DSC02561.jpg DSC02562.jpg

DSC02563.jpg DSC02564.jpg DSC02565.jpg DSC02566.jpg DSC02567.jpg

DSC02568.jpg DSC02569.jpg DSC02570.jpg DSC02571.jpg DSC02572.jpg

DSC02573.jpg DSC02574.jpg DSC02575.jpg

Video should follow soon, I just have to move my schedule around, find a good Eheads song and come up with a motif.