In The Heart Of France And Their Ciabatta Pesto Pizza


It was a humid day followed by heavy rains that drove me to the mall wishing for a brief interlude to an uninvited weather. Finding myself trite over the usual grub, I walked in to Le Coeur de France.

 My usual sojourn to this place consist of a detour meant to bring home their buy one take one tuna turnover, but curious of their recent Ciabatta array tweaked my inquisitive palate. Having aversion to eating pork and beef, I sampled their Pesto Pizza. I did not expect much from its small plate but Le Coeur de France delivered quite well. Upon being served, I was immediately greeted by the scrumptious tangy pesto aroma generously smothered  all over the delectable piece. I first sliced a mouthful of its crust and dipped it to the heart of the pizza where a copious amount of cheese, olive oil, tomato, tomato sauce and pesto was congregating. Even only with the crust, I was already peaking to my delight. I love it when I have successful assessments like these. So there I was, sitting at a nice corner of the restaurant leisurely enjoying my discovery and thinking of writing nice things about it.


Promising freshly baked, no preservatives and all natural food, Le Coeur de France provides just that and perhaps even more especially for those who have curious palates like me.  

Reasonably priced, Ciabatta Pesto Pizza is a must treat for pizza lovers. Cette nourriture est très bonne.