Boxing Day In April

April 6 was Boxing Day for me.

No pun intended it really was boxing. I had my gloves on and I was punching away. After Rissa invited me for a workout and realizing I’m gradually losing my neck, I did not hesitate to say yes.

I came prepared: a huge bottle of water, a towel and good sleep did help. I started with the jump rope for around ten minutes and eventually moved to foot works and stance. I have a little background in dancing so I followed the choreography with ease. Rissa was experiencing something different though. I’ve never met anyone who’s challenged with the jump rope or basic step designs of calisthenics. I tried to help as much as I could.

Half the time we were just laughing but when we moved to throwing punches, I had to listen close. Our instructor, Marvin, would yell left-right punch and I’d give him a right-left. He might have thought I’m disoriented, I didn’t tell him that I process things differently. Soon enough I’ve completed the basic, coupled with panting and sweating like crazy.

My blood has now picked up a good decent momentum and I was liking that I’m cracking my locked energy.

After covering the fundamentals, our trainer started wrapping our hands and gloves eventually followed. I use to train for swimming in the past. I remembered wearing two or three swimsuits at a time to weigh myself down and to build drag while in the water. Once you go down to one suit you will realize your body have automatically trained and kept the same force and speed. When I donned the hand wrap and gloves, the weight in my hands was significant enough to create a stronger punch. That was the load needed to perhaps build more solid punches and agility.

Thirty minutes later, the pieces we learned on the floor was tested inside the ring. It was so much fun, because every time the trainer would charge me with punching gloves I realized that I would automatically punch away – still challenged with the dyslexia because I do right-left instead of left-right punches. The strenuous footwork we had to undergo was very useful and if put together with the different types of punches, creates a seemingly fluid step design.

I didn’t know boxing was just like dancing – as Rissa pointed ever so bluntly – and I like dancing.

The day after my first try, I’ve decided to mash it with kicks (kick boxing). I now have the customary muscle aches but I’m looking forward to my next workout.

This is hell’a fun!