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EOS 7D Review

I am not going to doom myself by pretending I can review my new toy. So instead, I took an easier route and had someone, with a greater depth of reviewing chutzpah, do it for me.

Talk about killer accessory, huh? Other girls go for fancy handbags – I go for magnesium alloy. LOL.

It’ll definitely be difficult for me to drag myself to other things (like: eating, sleeping, reading) given that my attention will be taken endlessly by my new EOS. However, I have a sturdy plan of rationing my very little time so I can spread myself to my responsibilities without any of it recognizing I have a favorite. I will still have Sunday’s to myself though, so I can slowdown for a breather as I prepare myself for another whirlwind of a week.

I’ve scheduled places in the city and nearby provinces that I’d like to visit every weekend for practice  – which means I’m going to need one mighty sunscreen lotion, too. Perhaps after a month,  I may  also attend a sports game and finally put me and the camera on a suitable acid test.

I’ve been meaning to go back and this time, I have no reason not to try to be better.

Wish me luck.


Last Friday, I had only a few hours of sleep trying to finish a video montage for my account which was closing.

I haven’t done editing for a very long time and looking at the finish product, I realized how inadequate it was – both on the material (I wasn’t given much to work with) and rendition (I had time constraints). But hey, I tried.

Here, have a look.

Keira Knightly’s PSA

The conundrum over the Rihanna/ Chris Brown issue have been smeared all over the tabloids and entertainment headlines. And via the ordeal these two have gone through (RhiRhi: the physical abuse and the shame. Chris Brown: Public hate) a lot of people have given domestic violence the attention it needed. But you know that the whole issue have become an entity of its own when an A-list celebrity manage to star on a PSA, addressing the problem.
I have a thing or two to say about domestic violence, but one thing’s for sure, if he hurt you once — He. Will. Hurt. You. Again. This might have already been said by someone famous, but nonetheless, it is the perennial fact of domestic violence. Women almost always continue to stay with their abuser and until they are beaten to a pulp or the guy ends up in jail (which ever comes first), that is the only time the vicious cycle stops.The sad part is, there are several instances that the abuse escaltes to fatality. After reading statistics relating to abused women, I’ve realized how prevalent this has been even after  the amendment of Human Rights and Reformations for Women; something that is inherent long before the law was passed.

I see that we still have a long way to go. Until we start addressing these acts (and not highlighting that Chris Brown too is a victim — that is a complete and utter b.s.), we will never move pass the dark ages.  We will stay stuck wishing for a twilight of humanity. I hope we can be reminded that all these technology will not advance civilization if people who are too weak to protect themselves are continually treated with dilapitated quality.

Pictures From The Rookie

I suppose at one point leading meant muscles; but most of the time it’s getting along with people.

To the able bodies of my former team, CUAL1; for making my days a little more happy than they use to and allowing me to push them … around, LOL:

Shayne, Fer, Cynthia, Ef, Cathy, Jun-Vi, Dre, Jen, Yssa, Bev, Hannah, Jaycee, Dennis, Nel, Judy and Apple Pie

And to those who shared with us:

Dencio, Atok, Josh and Ayene