And ten days later, here we are, still struggling to run a regular beat for this page.

Why in the world is time so darn expensive?

One of these days I’m going to find time again. As soon as I am done with all the urgents, the deadlines and the must dos, I will write something a little more decent here.

But just so you are aware, I am crushing on Andrew Garfield. Drool.


To Facebook Or Not To Facebook

That is the question … or to be more specific, that is the threat.

Ayie: Sign up or we are making you one.
Jaz: And don’t trust us when it comes to details.
Ayie: Mona will take care of infos, putting booger eating as your interest
Jaz: I’ll put your naked baby pic as your profile pic
Ayie: And your shout outs consists of telling the whole world you have explosive diarrhea

Suffice to say, even if it’s just a joke, I had to do something about it or I’ll be on edge forever. They’ve been bugging me for years and lately it has become obvious that they’re not happy in my ability to ignore their request. So around this time last week, I sat and made one. I made small crawls to the easy interface and found time flying by. So if you look at the corner (lined together with the other widgets I have) is the link where my acquaintances and friends can add me.

I was a tad surprised given that people started coming in – thanks by the way – and I enjoyed filling in the blanks.


You know what I like about facebook? The gibberish.

You can say anything brainless and pointless and it’s all good. You can be a total weirdo and boarder to creepy and no one gives as much hoot unlike what we usually experience in a blog. There you don’t have to have a reason to not be around because as simple as, “I need a yaya for my crazy 15 year old that thinks he’s 30 when he still wets his bed” is a decent entry.

I’m going to join the gibber. I’ll put some sense here and I’ll be a complete lunatic on the other one.


Let’s Shift

Belated Happy Birthday Panget (a.k.a.  my brother)!  Would you believe 22 years ago from yesterday, you scared the beejesus out of us? Thought you were going to kick the bucket before we even meet each other.

I hope you liked my gift and the dish I prepared for you.


And oh yes, I am wholeheartedly sorry for bogging your mood on my last entry. Sure no one wants a downer of an article on a very good Monday. I just felt so strongly that writing my sentiments down was the only way to stop myself from snowballing, plus this is my journal first and foremost so I think it’s more than acceptable.

To make it up for anyone whom I think I unnerved and for you to know where my current mood is at, (or where I am trying to get to) I searched high and low for something funny on the net. I don’t spend much time watching YouTube video’s  (If I feel like watching I go for Discovery’s Dirty Jobs or Deadliest Catch) so this one I really included some hard work.

Give it a go.

Okay maybe you’ve already seen this but hey, I tried. Isn’t Micheal V a genius? I’m a huge fan. I’m enjoying his donuts commercial, it’s such a hoot.


I finally got that procedure I’ve been dreading to undergo. I would need to keep my left leg bandaged for one more day and I’m setting myself to a lifetime of compression so the thingy won’t come back.

To the right is (obviously) my lower extremity and to the left is the leftover meds that cost an arm and a leg, and all I was going to use was a few drops – Now what am I supposed to do with this?


I’m getting used to this vacation and just-waiting-for-money-to-arrive gig … I need to shift my frame of mind soon.

Oh well.

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Coming Up

Let’s try this one for size … one more time– kick, bounce, box.

I signed up for my revisit on kickboxing, I think my knee injury has fully healed and after I met with my instructor he is happy to take me in again. He noted that I lost weight; I smiled and pretended a modest shake on his compliments. I couldn’t tell him that I might switch from this to dancing very soon. This is, after all, just a hobby and I’ve been meaning to dance again.

I just have to look for my hand wraps. Where the hell did I put that thing? I don’t intend to buy a new one after I splurged on some nifty, albeit pricey, yoga pants


I found that I have several books waiting to be read. And now, I am a few hours away from shopping with a friend. One of my stop will be the bookstore.

I have around three un-purchased on my list and I am looking forward to it. I might need to drop several movie viewing, sign up for more vacation leaves and just basically clear my calendar so I can provide it ample time. Although there’s no rush and I love collecting,  I might soon need to get a new bookshelf.


I’m loving the weight lose. I’m loving that I get to wear my old razorbacks again (and getting new ones too). JC said, after pointing out to a gentleman’s magazine at a grocery store, that I should put on a bikini. Hmm, wasn’t that one of my goal after dropping the pounds?

But I still think it’s not yet time.

My imaginary cellulites have gone to vacation, so might as well look for my speedos, too.


He hasn’t lost his ability to make me laugh. I still have a vivid image of him in my head when he tried pushing a friend’s car off a one way bridge in the middle of Cagayan ‘nowhere’. It was a joke yeah, but he sure played it well – back-story, he took a wrong turn and we ended hundreds of kilometers from where we’re supposed to go. It was one tumultuous road trip, wherein he learned I can run really really fast when accosted with spiders and he can scream like a little girl in case a huge bat crash-lands on our windshield as he speeds to around 150.

He’s coming to visit, yey! And he wants me to show him around – like he hasn’t seen the place. Sure! I give him props for not feeling awkward after, ahem, the incident that didn’t yield what he thought he’d generate three years ago.  We’re still friends after all the brouhaha.

So stoked.

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Fight Much

I miss bickering – with anyone.

I’ve been quite nice lately and somehow people find it difficult to contradict me. And in the event my fangs come out they still choose to shut up, no one really enjoys seeing me wear my bitch on.

These are the moments when I miss my sister Kate. Man we sure have thoroughly, enjoyable and exhausting squabbles. With her, I get to cancel my edit button and just argue away. I’m talking about seriously  getting down with how well we insult each other. Kate, like me doesn’t care if words hurt, are vulgar, out of place, insipid, or just plain mean. And she secretly enjoys losing her temper on me, just as much as I do on her. Sometimes going full-Rambo at each other is so therapeutic.

I can’t just get that much entertainment with my brother … he’s a pile of sissy. He’s petrified that if he gets on my bad side (1) he gets lost in the argument of who is smarter [that’s always me, thank you very much], (2) I kick him out of the house, which is not mine and (3) I punch him square in the face and he can’t do anything about it. You see, my sister punches back and all we need is a referee … which by the way, is played well by my brother.

Sometimes I wish for a boyfriend not so much for the romantic functions, but for the frantic heaves of fighting, yelling at each other, ignoring phone calls/ text messages, wishing you’d never met each other, and finally making out – I mean making up, making up! Sheesh!

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