10 Things

 Yes, I allow myself the pathetic self-indulgent cliche of writing something about myself… and this is not the last of it. 

1.) I don’t like my first name … not one bit.

2.) On my 25th birthday, I nearly ended in jail. Before I was handcuffed, Ryan saved me.

3.) If my mom is not around I am the Supreme Ruler of our House.

4.) That title is passed to my sister if my mom and I are not around.

5.) I’m impossibly fluent in English when I get furious.

6.) People abhore my dry jokes.

7.) I use to play the piano … freestyle.

8.) I don’t have a driver’s licence. I’m doing the world a favor.

9.) I have the ability to magnet creepy suitors.

10.) I knew, from a very young age, that the movie “The Never Ending Story” was adapted from a book – I was right.


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