About the Author

The author wrote for StarCinema as a member of their Creative Development Group in the beginning of her career. Prior real world, she had a short stint at Magic 89.9 as an apprentice for Big Daddy Jake and Tina Ryan, she wrote for a Christian magazine called Barkada and was an Editor of her school paper. She is currently working for a BPO company and spending money she doesn’t have.

I am not a pacifist; some battles need to be fought. I’m not a vegetarian. Just because I prefer not to eat pigs or cows (or anything with four legs for that matter) doesn’t mean I’m a goat. I like to hike but I hate camping. I’m into shakes but I skip the milk – if you’re smart you’ll figure it out. I’d love to meet Casanova; minus the philandering of course. I consider books, company; if you see me with one, don’t disturb. If my iPod is plunked in my ears, bugger off.

But I’m jumping ahead of myself … let me tell you a little bit of me minus the ewwy parts.

For Fun: Fun is always relative … moods do differ therefore I swing from all four directions. You can find me on a lazy Tuesday curled up in my terrace reading a good book or I can be climbing a mountain.

Hot Spots: Sagada, Batanes and New Zealand. My penchant is served well by these places. You can have a relatively chilled out atmosphere condusive for a good book or you can walk around listening to your favorite music whilst communing with nature. Food is good too and so are the locals.

Faves and Raves: The colour Green, literature, my laptop, my mobile phone, good food, good drinks (no beer please), sweets, going on vacation, taking pictures (meaning my oh so bulky camera), good film, music … all the good stuff life can offer. And oh, writing of course.

Pets: 2 Black Labradors (Denim and Ashley) and 3 Oriental Shorthair cats (one is named Salem, because he’s all black).

Issues: Needles, people with bad breath, bigots, Know It Alls, subconscious manifestations of my guilt and telenovelas.