Notes from 4-15-2010

I haven’t talked to you for two days; missing our month-sary. Truth be told, even if I miss you to pieces, I made a decision to stay away.

I don’t know what your intentions are J, your signals have been so crazy. One minute you’re into this relationship and with a blink of an eye, you go cold. It’s not difficult to decipher, you’re enthusiasm has gone out the door and you’ve been doing a good job making me feel unimportant. So now I ask myself, is this the kind of person I want to include in my life? Would I want to spend my waking hours far from him and constantly overlooked?

I deserve more than this, because I know I have so much to give. It’s hard enough to keep this new relationship afloat without you putting me on the sidelines. So why are you being careless? Interpreting the chain of events, I feel with so much intensity that there is someone else. Am I right?

I don’t know what to do. So I have all these raised to the Heavens in the hopes that I will be  taken to where I should be.

Yet it doesn’t change a thing, I miss you to pieces.


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