A Cork For A Hole

We stonewall our thoughts for many reasons.

I for one do this to perhaps safety a little of myself and avoid letting the whole world know what a total lunatic I am. You can laugh – I can smirk.

Perhaps the protection of ones opinion rises from the fact that we fear retaliation and rejection. We become careful of every word we bring out there so no one moves past second guessing. Instead voicing all your comments, we let everyone else play the dance while you become the comfortable audience. The safety of silence is rather amusing while the arrogance of speech is outright -well, obnoxious.

Take for instance Facebook. The gal of several people to air their dirty laundry and stand ever so high in their self obsession and self-righteousness, I can only cringe. I know someone who preaches the world to unite, to be kind, to be tolerant and a whole bunch of yada yadas taken from pages of famous advise books. But you have him talk without plagiarizing, you’ll see how bent he is. Watch him walk the walk, you see its all but bark no bite. Those who don’t normally meet these type of people masticate their preaches. Sad indeed, when that same person will throw a friend under a moving bus just to lift himself up. He talks of peace, of unity and kindness – come time for him to exercise these, he sinks. When you have your back turned he’ll have you gutted and torn to pieces.


I do my thing. Make mistakes. Advice a little. But I don’t stand on imaginary pedestals telling people how well I do things and how well I’m living my life. For one I know that I have my pitfalls, so I live my daily lessons. It just nauseates me that I can’t seem to shake the ill feeling of having so many self-righteous pricks around. I guess the right thing to do right now is keep these commentaries to myself. For sure, they will notice. People who are genuine are bound to find out who the fakers are.

I keep silent, so the pretentious can live their pretend lives. No need to insist on them on what honesty is, it would only get lost in translation with their pretend intellect.


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