Notes from 03-14-10

Dear You,

I’m stepping out of this relationship. I’m sorry.

I think it’s unfair for the both of us and we’ve dragged this way too long. It’s unfair to you because you deserve someone more understanding, tolerant and won’t go passive aggressive when she is disappointed. It’s been unfair to me too because I need someone who is close and would find as much time to be around me even if it’s difficult – heaven knows I’d do the same.

We have so much love to give but the condition we are in right now is not conducive for it to grow. I won’t deny that there had been many times that I felt neglected. It beats me down more than you will ever know. You’ve been very kind to me and at times would gladly carry the burden of being the relaxed and tolerant boyfriend. But my liberal mind has been struggling, the distance and the very little time is harsh. It’s not how I want my relationship to run. I want a constantly visible boyfriend.

I’d like to stop right now while I still care for you. At least us parting while we’re both ahead of the game will leave us something nice to think of if we look back. If I drag this a little longer until I just fall to bitterness then I might forget the handful of good times we shared.

Know that I really did care for you but because we can’t change the level of commitment we put in this relationship, we are better off apart.

I will miss you dearly.


One thought on “Notes from 03-14-10

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