Notes from 03-05-10

Something has changed. Something really significant.

I think the feeling is about to slip off of me. And you have to do something significant about it. Because we both know we don’t want that. Until that is done – whatever it is I wouldn’t know – I think it’ll be a snowball from here on.

I miss you and for the two days you’ve been saying these words to me, I decided for a zero response. Why? You still owe me a huge and meaningful apology. Do I want to pick a fight? No. But nonetheless, I want a discussion to settle things. I think it’s that finality that will fix things and through that avenue you will learn that I’m not shallow when it comes to things like these.

I’m not like your other old girlfriends without brains.

I need you. I want you. I have so much to give. But you need to fix yourself before that gets out.


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