Notes from 2-28-10

You are hurting me. Sometimes you really do a good job of making me feel unimportant and sometimes I just hate myself for allowing you to get under my skin.

I can’t afford to be treated like this just because I want to find happiness. I can’t and I won’t. But if I really want to just break free, I need to face the hurt that will go with it. I need to be strong and live with the daily struggle.

Please if you really want to be with me and I’m not just some sort of entertainment … someone to fill your time and perhaps alleviate whatever emptiness you are feeling, put a little effort, a little time and a little attention.

I’m not going to change you and I’m not going to ask for something you can’t give but you have to agree I deserve a little more – no, a whole lot more. Because I can be so much for you, I tell you that.

Myself is all I have and I’m not going to lose it just because you can’t make time.


One thought on “Notes from 2-28-10

  1. i so love it! i totally agree friend.. i’ve been reading your blog for the past months, i miss it when you didnt post anything last January. Always take care! 🙂

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