And A Merry Christmas To You Too

It is for sure, had been and still is, an extraordinary good time at the heart-meter section of my life.

If only I can write it all down, I‘ll surely can slay a person or two. But I don’t intend that yet, maybe in the future I can put that into schedule.

I have always wondered how I came to decide to keep my mouth shut about it. Perhaps the running success it has brought me keeps me scared of the jinx. This time after a few big leaps from both our side, I guess it’s safe to share. Last night, for our Christmas Eve dinner, he met my family. I may have had my first appearance at his dinning table with his family last November but it took me more than a month to present him to my bunch. For too long, I have worried myself silly on when the opportune time can be. The decision came simultaneously one car ride home.

Some may require more stories of how we met and how it all started but for now that’s what I have for you. Let’s keep the business to a minimum but I’ll have you know that I am with someone who makes me utterly happy.

Maybe with a little understanding, you will know precisely why I’ve been lagging here.


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