Night Reads

It is in my realization that made it all feel so happy and sad. Sad, because it’s been a long while since I stayed up late for a book. And happy, because I’m completely enthralled by my new find.

Although I’m never a fan of feverish speed when covering a novel, I definitely find satisfaction in getting one and not letting go until its last page. However, things have piled up lately and time for the many things I love had to take a back seat. However last Friday, I bought several books for a welcome gift to friends visiting from New South Wales. At the same time I also picked me a new book by Isabel Allende. This is going to be my first Allende exploit and I must say that it brought me back to my great love for reading. Although I’ve never stopped loving it (and doing it), it suddenly felt like some sort of renewed arousal.

The characters are complex, the story thick and the setting and time dizzying. Now I know why the author has multitude of followers. She has made a believer in me.

I’m still halfway but my appreciation of the novel is heightening. Somehow a graveyard shift for a good read has animated me in my stupor and I must say I wish to be met more of these affairs.

Listening to the Morning Rush By CnD


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