Dear You,

Thoughts while stuck in traffic:

I’m just as petrified as you are with what we may or may not achieve by hanging around each others lives. But heck, we only live ones so I’m allowing it to snowball to where ever direction it may go.

Thank you for being my first and last message of the day. Thank you for believing in me and letting  me hear it everyday. For the many times you’ve shown how much you care and the many times you  let me know… How exactly can I equal you?

Maybe, for the meantime, things are meant to be undefined. You may see it differently but I’m sure in the long run you will understand. We can always define and put a name on it if we’re far from work. Funny, the one thing that brought us togther has now become a barrier. Trust that it will be more condusive for both our careers. Sooner or later, surely we will be what you want us to be, but right now let’s play safe. No one needs to know and this relationship only has to have two characters: you and me. Having an audience with the likes of our co-workers is really never helpful.

I love the attention and I love that you never seem to tire. Know that all your efforts won’t go unnoticed and I care too.

See you later.


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