The Gapping Hole

11 10 2010

It has now become so obvious that I’ve been neglecting my writing.

I use to tell myself that although I walked away from my job of writing because it hardly pays for rent, I’ll still be at it even without an audience. And I did. I found it fulfilling and sets my nerves calmly while I allow the corporate world to push me around. But lately, things have been different. I haven’t been writing as often as I should, I can’t finish a book I’ve been meaning to review and all I can pass for an article are half-cooked, watered version of it all.

I guess I’m losing it.

Losing the focus in writing things down; good and bad memories have escaped my journal and planner for months. And here I am wondering how long I can be dragged by letting it all just pass by.

I feel the need to write because, as I’ve said before I want to remember as much as I can. I want to put them into paper (and in this case the virtual world) so it evolves to something more of a memory, something tangible. Don’t get me wrong, these past months a handful of good things have happened: work, friends, romance and hobbies. I’ve so much to say but time have been flying by so swiftly and I haven’t the energy to sit down and conjure an article.

Here I am half tired, a pint sleepy and running late on something, wondering if I can ever go back to writing regularly as I was before.




One response

11 10 2010

“I’ll still be at it even without an audience”

I guess not. I really like your articles. I’m really having a hard time with articulation lately. I guess I have been bullied into silence and just lost it in the process. I can relate to your articles so keep it coming. 🙂

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