A Dish And (Perhaps) His Heart

18 08 2010

He brought me food today; something he prepared from grocery to microwavable container. And indeed, it was the sweetest thing by far.

He told me that he was cooking and I shrugged it off like any common errand that he might be doing for the day. I had no idea that it was for me. He took his dish to the office and left it at the fridge – in case I got hungry. With the kind of schedule we keep, squeezing this task may mean cutting on sleep and adding to the already cumbersome day. Surely, it was an acknowledged effort. However, close to seven hours within my shift, with work up to my nose and lunch so out of sight, I haven’t touched the thing. So he reheated it and took it to me to be reminded that I’m already hungry.

I sure was and I ate his Pasta on White Sauce with such appreciation – mushroom cooked just right. While I perfectly understand that people cook when they wish to, I felt the need to ask why.  To my surprise he was brave enough to tell me that he has not cooked for anyone for a long time … until now and I was his reason. So succinctly explained over a text message – something that was just right or we’ d be plagued with awkwardness usually reserved for high schoolers – I could not help but think and blush. There was no occasion or any trivial cause, save perhaps the motivation to prepare me something. Oh spontaneity, bless you.

No one has ever cooked for me before, except perhaps the maid or mom. It was indeed the sweetest thing. Plus, his cooking is awesome.




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