Total Nutcase

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with Mel Gibson?

First he insults the Jews, now he assaults his girlfriend and raises questions that he’s a racist. What has happened to this great man? Honestly, at first I refuse to believe reports about his apparent flare-up, but watching the news, surely doesn’t help my beliefs. Numerous allegations have come out and either one doesn’t put him in a good light. Last I checked, RadarOnline is publishing more of his rants. Now they are saying that if we think he is violent the first few times we’ve heard his tapes, the new piece will be so outrageous it will shadow his previous shinnanigans.

The recording and its content will be absolutely deplorable.

His fallout is astoundingly disturbing and pathetic. Suddenly over a short period of time, a veteran powerhouse just turns into a power-joke. It’s anybody’s guess how this man turned out the way he is now. But again it’s unbelievable, undeniably unbelievable.


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