Something New

Canon EOS 7D for professional DSLR user. I’m a hobbyist and given that I am making my first big purchase this year, I’d like this to last for until I become proficient.

I am buying a new camera soon .. this has been my plan since early this year but haven’t gotten around it for the shifting interest and lack of time.

I am upping the ante. Although I am still torn between three models that are both bully’s in the newbie arena (as of this writing) I am positive that I’ll land on something nice. This process will result to selling my old camera and all gadgets that I bought with it (not that there’s a lot). I am looking to getting some new lens (on top of the list, Fish Eye and Macro) and that will significantly slay my budget. I might not sell my tripod given it can fit universally but given I’m not decided, I’ll just keep it on my to sell list.

Nikon 300s. Unlike Canon, I am not used to navigating Nikon apparatuses. But I can always give it a go specially if it’s reasonably priced.

I took lessons early last year and after that, I was serious for maybe four. My entry level camera has had heavy mileage under it and it sure served its purpose. I’m quite good with taking care of my gadgets – people still think my laptop is new – so I’m sure people won’t have any difficulty deciding if they will purchase it. Plus, I’m selling it cheap. I’m going to need the space (It has a corner in my room where I hang its bag).

Canon 550D. For semi-professional users. My third most realistic (budget wise) option. I am advised to go for this instead of the Canon EOS 7D given I’m just a hobbyist. I might just go for it as long as it means I can get a fisheye or a macro.

If you yourself, a novice like me, have any plans of purchasing a DSLR be sure to know what specs you’d like it to have. There are several websites that assist consumers in making that crucial decision (found a good one via Identify how you’d like your camera to function for you and how well you know your ability to adapt to it. As for me, I find it comfortable to go up one level given I have  more than enough willingness to spend tons of  time to tinker on its every knobs. A professional camera can be as mind-bending as an entry level camera if one is not willing to put some time on it.

Note that when you buy a camera the spending might not stop there, I found that I needed a bag, extra batteries, battery grip, memory, computer software (for editing), tripod, lens and a whole lot more to thoroughly enjoy it. As for me, in case my top two votes go beyond my budget I am going for the third option which will allow me an extra lens and a good backpack.

Parting will be sweet sorrow, but getting my hands on a new one will be sweeter.

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