Black And Blue

My bruised arm

I easily bruise.

Now were you expecting some emotional babble to follow? Using the word bruise as a metaphor? No. This article is not about that.

I went to the doctor a month ago and had my blood checked. Something that consists of six vials and a little fear to get over with. Eventually, it was found out that I am anaemic, a slight issue that can be cured by over the counter supplements. But I was told that it needs to be monitored intently. Still, I’m alright.

Yet I wonder, why with just a tad of a bump can cause bright colours to dance on my skin. Blue, violet, green and black. Why do I easily bruise when every tests shows I’m just below what’s acceptable?

I remember, someone once grabbed my forearm a little tighter than usual. By the next day his hand print was on me. Green bright identifiers. I’ve never seen him so alarmed. He said he felt ashamed. I asked why, when both of us were just goofing around. It wasn’t inflicted  during a fight or anything. Nonetheless, he apologized profusely.

I had to sit him down and explain that this is normal. But even at the end of it, he was still visibly shaken and appalled with himself.

It worried me to the ends of the world, thinking he would never touch me again (in a non-sexual way, jeez what’s wrong with you?).


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