A New Need

Upon learning I’ve been reading heavy fiction one after another, I immediately headed to the bookstore to look for something a little lighter. Something that does not include the following:

Violent/ Graphic Death
Child Trafficking
Mental Illness
Failure of Government

I was lucky enough to find that on that same day is The Necromancer’s debut. So I grabbed one and headed home to start reading. However, en route home I realized that I was still in the middle of another book so the new one had to wait.

I’ll keep you posted, once it gets around.

Oh, before I forget, I’m sure some of you have noticed my new Widget. I’ll be posting on that corner the book I’m currently tackling and its status (like, Currently Reading and Just Finished). If it’s on “just finished”, I’ll have it stay for the remainder of the month, which will serve as my virtual marker that I read at least one book a month. Mind that the status may not be real time, given I have a habit of putting novels on back to back. I’ll just let it sit on my page a little longer for promotion.

I’m no Oprah but I encourage everyone to read. Seriously.


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