About this time last year

… I went to the bookstore to see if I there’s anything nice to read. I was lucky enough to find one and happily took it home.

But while I was at the bookstore reading its epilogue – a sort of test drive that I do for all books I purchase – I realized something: I was overweight and this is the heaviest I’m at. I may not know my exact weight but I knew deep within my gut that something was indubitably wrong – I’m very unhealthy.

Sitting there, willing my head to focus on what I was reading I could not deny myself  the observation. How did that realization dawned on me? My tummy and a substantial amount  at that; a paunch and I’m not even pregnant. The book I was test driving comfortably sat on top of my tummy while I was reading it on one of Powerbooks’ uncomfortable sofas. Shit! Depressing. I hated myself. On my way home, I told myself I need to change.

And the next morning, change happened because 155 pounds is just not cutting it for me.

Fast forward to present date, after picking a discipline of not eating at least five hours before sleeping and cutting significant amounts of sodas, I am now on target.

125 pounds and now I can wear a tankini.


One thought on “About this time last year

  1. good work, friend! i had to quit dieting because i also have anemia. i tried to hide the fact that i’m sick from the folks at home but i blew it. my bf found my supplements and asked if i were preggy.

    and i said: better anemic than preggy, right?

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