To Facebook Or Not To Facebook

That is the question … or to be more specific, that is the threat.

Ayie: Sign up or we are making you one.
Jaz: And don’t trust us when it comes to details.
Ayie: Mona will take care of infos, putting booger eating as your interest
Jaz: I’ll put your naked baby pic as your profile pic
Ayie: And your shout outs consists of telling the whole world you have explosive diarrhea

Suffice to say, even if it’s just a joke, I had to do something about it or I’ll be on edge forever. They’ve been bugging me for years and lately it has become obvious that they’re not happy in my ability to ignore their request. So around this time last week, I sat and made one. I made small crawls to the easy interface and found time flying by. So if you look at the corner (lined together with the other widgets I have) is the link where my acquaintances and friends can add me.

I was a tad surprised given that people started coming in – thanks by the way – and I enjoyed filling in the blanks.


You know what I like about facebook? The gibberish.

You can say anything brainless and pointless and it’s all good. You can be a total weirdo and boarder to creepy and no one gives as much hoot unlike what we usually experience in a blog. There you don’t have to have a reason to not be around because as simple as, “I need a yaya for my crazy 15 year old that thinks he’s 30 when he still wets his bed” is a decent entry.

I’m going to join the gibber. I’ll put some sense here and I’ll be a complete lunatic on the other one.



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