Bye Now

Today is my last day at Teletech.

It is indeed bittersweet given that this has been my second home for more than four years. The parting of ways was embraced by both me and the company; like a relationship that has ran its course and the best way to end it without having to drag it and turn things sour, is to simply say tata.

It is true that many Cainta DC Pioneers have left, and more and more familiar faces have gone missing in the past eighteen months (tomorrow I’ll be joining them), yet we share happy memories. Memories of building  an account from the ground up, formulating processes, me (and a handful) attending DPRs half petrified, programs at the pantry, endless pizza parties and a whole lot more. I’m taking that all with me.

I am happy to start anew with a bit of pocket money that they are sending me off with. Something I am very thankful – and thoroughly satisfied with –  because until the very end Teletech has been fair and kind.  I am leaving without worries, second thoughts and no ill-feelings. Although I go with a bit of gloom given that I will miss friends I am leaving behind.

But we will always be friends … as I told you we will.

See you around and best of luck.

2008608, signing off.


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