Let’s Shift

Belated Happy Birthday Panget (a.k.a.  my brother)!  Would you believe 22 years ago from yesterday, you scared the beejesus out of us? Thought you were going to kick the bucket before we even meet each other.

I hope you liked my gift and the dish I prepared for you.


And oh yes, I am wholeheartedly sorry for bogging your mood on my last entry. Sure no one wants a downer of an article on a very good Monday. I just felt so strongly that writing my sentiments down was the only way to stop myself from snowballing, plus this is my journal first and foremost so I think it’s more than acceptable.

To make it up for anyone whom I think I unnerved and for you to know where my current mood is at, (or where I am trying to get to) I searched high and low for something funny on the net. I don’t spend much time watching YouTube video’s  (If I feel like watching I go for Discovery’s Dirty Jobs or Deadliest Catch) so this one I really included some hard work.

Give it a go.

Okay maybe you’ve already seen this but hey, I tried. Isn’t Micheal V a genius? I’m a huge fan. I’m enjoying his donuts commercial, it’s such a hoot.


I finally got that procedure I’ve been dreading to undergo. I would need to keep my left leg bandaged for one more day and I’m setting myself to a lifetime of compression so the thingy won’t come back.

To the right is (obviously) my lower extremity and to the left is the leftover meds that cost an arm and a leg, and all I was going to use was a few drops – Now what am I supposed to do with this?


I’m getting used to this vacation and just-waiting-for-money-to-arrive gig … I need to shift my frame of mind soon.

Oh well.

Currently Listening to Keane, Everybody Changes via Monster’s Riot


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