A Welcomed Sermon

4 06 2010

I went to church last Sunday and hoped that I would have enough acumen to focus. Like most city dwellers, my head has been spinning with so many things, so I was a little doubtful.

Then homily came, and I suddenly had this sinking feeling that the priest was talking to me… just me an no one else. Somehow the cosmos aligned and made me attend the right mass, at the right church (venue), at the right time, with the right priest and dished the most astute lesson timely for my predicament.

I had to stop myself from honoring his sermon with a standing ovation and a loud hollering of, “Bravo!” But instead I just included him in my thanksgiving prayer. I had no plans of being stared at.

Somehow the things he said eased my heart and reinforced my hope. I like that he used fables for his story, segued to what’s relevant and treated it with understanding instead of scrutiny. His sermon was personalized and sunny; like a teacher you can approach anytime and perhaps talk to when you can’t solve a problem. I was all ears and was indubitably attentive – I felt like if he asked the audience a question, I’d be raising my hand and go, “Me, me, me. I know the answer. Pick me”.

Ah, I miss Sunday school.

Sometimes you wish all sermons are like this … unpretentious, caring, straightforward and non-threatening. Out-dated sermons really don’t add value to our currently snowballing complication of a world. Priests who talk only to the microphone and not to the people, priests who tells me I’m going to burn in hell if I continue to fail to pray enough, priests who relates the scriptures to events from million years ago – trust me, I like going to church but I don’t want to have to indulge blah  blahs. A priest with a fresh spin on things can bring people back to celebrating the Lord’s day.

And you have to agree, it breaks the boredom.

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