It was automatic and for a moment the world stopped . And I immediately sent the Heaven’s my prayer: please let me still be around to experience it. Please let me. Unless of course you have mind blowing theatres up there.

Grand, no?

It’s sooo kick ass. I have no other words to describe it.


Black And Blue

My bruised arm

I easily bruise.

Now were you expecting some emotional babble to follow? Using the word bruise as a metaphor? No. This article is not about that.

I went to the doctor a month ago and had my blood checked. Something that consists of six vials and a little fear to get over with. Eventually, it was found out that I am anaemic, a slight issue that can be cured by over the counter supplements. But I was told that it needs to be monitored intently. Still, I’m alright.

Yet I wonder, why with just a tad of a bump can cause bright colours to dance on my skin. Blue, violet, green and black. Why do I easily bruise when every tests shows I’m just below what’s acceptable?

I remember, someone once grabbed my forearm a little tighter than usual. By the next day his hand print was on me. Green bright identifiers. I’ve never seen him so alarmed. He said he felt ashamed. I asked why, when both of us were just goofing around. It wasn’t inflicted  during a fight or anything. Nonetheless, he apologized profusely.

I had to sit him down and explain that this is normal. But even at the end of it, he was still visibly shaken and appalled with himself.

It worried me to the ends of the world, thinking he would never touch me again (in a non-sexual way, jeez what’s wrong with you?).

Toy Story 3

Truth is, I can’t recommend it enough. So I will make this as short as a short review can possibly be.

Given I am one of the few who has seen Toy Story 3 a little late from its release, I think everyone already knows what it has brought to the audience.

Andy is going to college and his toys haven’t been played for quite sometime. Most of the gang have been handed down,  some were sold and the remaining stowed away. Nonetheless,  for the few remaining toys, hope still floats that things will change.

However, that good change is not going to happen. Instead they will be torn apart by Andy’s school and a daycare all too perfect for those who would like to move on.

Toy Story 3 is a story about letting go and loyalty. A family movie rife with honesty, it manages to never let its novelty fade. It appeals to everyone, young and old, and is simply one of the best movies of our generation. It is whimsical, high-adventure and in the wake of Avatar, it still stands-out and  creates a league of its own. Backed up by impressive voice performance we grew up with, it defines  every character so astutely.

With a storyline so timeless and each turning point standing on its own, it pushes the boundaries of excellence. The animated performance is so cinematic one finds a favor in watching it.


A New Need

Upon learning I’ve been reading heavy fiction one after another, I immediately headed to the bookstore to look for something a little lighter. Something that does not include the following:

Violent/ Graphic Death
Child Trafficking
Mental Illness
Failure of Government

I was lucky enough to find that on that same day is The Necromancer’s debut. So I grabbed one and headed home to start reading. However, en route home I realized that I was still in the middle of another book so the new one had to wait.

I’ll keep you posted, once it gets around.

Oh, before I forget, I’m sure some of you have noticed my new Widget. I’ll be posting on that corner the book I’m currently tackling and its status (like, Currently Reading and Just Finished). If it’s on “just finished”, I’ll have it stay for the remainder of the month, which will serve as my virtual marker that I read at least one book a month. Mind that the status may not be real time, given I have a habit of putting novels on back to back. I’ll just let it sit on my page a little longer for promotion.

I’m no Oprah but I encourage everyone to read. Seriously.

About this time last year

… I went to the bookstore to see if I there’s anything nice to read. I was lucky enough to find one and happily took it home.

But while I was at the bookstore reading its epilogue – a sort of test drive that I do for all books I purchase – I realized something: I was overweight and this is the heaviest I’m at. I may not know my exact weight but I knew deep within my gut that something was indubitably wrong – I’m very unhealthy.

Sitting there, willing my head to focus on what I was reading I could not deny myself  the observation. How did that realization dawned on me? My tummy and a substantial amount  at that; a paunch and I’m not even pregnant. The book I was test driving comfortably sat on top of my tummy while I was reading it on one of Powerbooks’ uncomfortable sofas. Shit! Depressing. I hated myself. On my way home, I told myself I need to change.

And the next morning, change happened because 155 pounds is just not cutting it for me.

Fast forward to present date, after picking a discipline of not eating at least five hours before sleeping and cutting significant amounts of sodas, I am now on target.

125 pounds and now I can wear a tankini.