Coming Back

Now wasn’t that a breeze – running out of time to sit and write, just pull out your old journal entries then use it to fill the space.

You can also go emo in case you want some attention (LOL) then throw in the date and people who know you can throw themselves into a tizzy trying to figure out where they were when you  apparently needed them.

I tell you people, breathe. It’s just thoughts over idleness. I’m cool.

I’m going to try and put out some old entries I have lying around and see how the spin will affect things. But no worries, I’ll try to put more fresh notes in here.

Like …

Last Wednesday, I went toiletries (grocery) shopping at SM Mega and found out that they made this day special by replacing their carry bags with paper. In case you’ll be buying months worth of groceries they’ll put it in boxes. It was refreshing and quite pleasant to know that a big wig such as SM looks after the environment’s interest.

I on the other hand, had to hug a huge heavy brown paper bag (no handles, crap) and walk home feeling like I just traipsed into the New World. I should’ve taken my mountain bike along, now that would be a kick.

– Went up to Mt. Famy a week ago. Found that the falls and the rivers up there have lost most of its H2O and we soon realized we needed to trek farther to see a decent water falls.

Unlike my last climb (done in pitch dark – who the hell had the bright idea we start climbing at 12 midnight? In driving rain – no one was smart enough to check the weather forecast and with more than half of the group new to the sports), which was a genuine tour de hell this one was a complete opposite. This time, I sort of breezed through the whole journey. I even finished the assault (ascent) third place and (descent) first place. Thank heavens for my brother’s headlight I only had to worry about my 40 liters of a bag.

I went back to Manila appropriately spent and crisp … more than I usually am.

Currently listening to Magic 89.9


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