I said China.

But why China?

Because I haven’t been there. Have you?


So why not?

Because …

Come on now.

I’m not going to China.

If I promise to keep my hands off of you, will you go?

And when were your hands ever on me?!

Just kidding! Goodness!

Well I’m not.



Why do you have to be so difficult?

Why do you have to pester?

I am not rotting.

I mean it as a verb and not an adjective. Although the other one works too.

So you want to talk about sentence structure, huh?!

You think you can keep up?

Hah! You’ve always been weak at it.

And you’ve always been clueless.

Damn it! Are you going with me or not?


Then you leave me no choice.


I’m forcing you Ativan and when you wake up you’ll be in my bed.

I thought its China.

My bed in China.

Let me look for my passport.



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