The Random

Sewed a favorite (house) top so comfy I am hiding it from mom lest she’ll turn it to a rag.

Too hot, need ice cream – no you’re on a diet. Stupid 1.98 lbs now I’m 4.98 far from target.

Walk to Shang, get yogurt.

Check money in ATM. There ya go, good girl has a bit of cash to dispense.

Cellphone ringing. Answer: Hey, you busy? Nope. Good! We’re at Starbucks, come up E is here, wants to see you.

Later. Shop. Shop.

New favorite word: Bleak. I covered two bleak novels back to back so that should be enough to win the vote.

Two hours, a bottle of sunscreen (like its gonna work) and one shopping bag later: Where’s E? Left. What?! He thought you’re avoiding him. Naah. Well sister I sent him home, he won’t stop yapping about you. Bummer.

I do have Iron Deficiency Anemia.

Resulting from my sleeping problem.


Went home tired and poor.

I saw J’s face in my dream yesterday. I didn’t want to wake up but I did.

Thanks for paid offs.

Problem: chores are piling up. I have to sort this out soon.

I’ll take a few days off (the blogosphere) for some trips. No new post until I get back. Or I can just schedule it. Whatev …

I need to buy a new cooling pad and USB drive.

I am never watching Ghost Lab at night … ever again.


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