Too (Two) Big Dates

While everyone is on a tizzy about today’s election, let me just take a little of my time to join the hoohaa.

I’m proud to say that I’ve tolerated the necessary evils: inane jingles, obnoxious sell-out/ shrewd politicians, pollution (noise, tarps, billboards and the general trash) and crazy traffic brought about by several meeting de avance. Now I just have today to have to stomach the pandemonium and finally watch as history happens in front of me – or at least via the television.

For weeks on end, the 2010 Presidential Election have been included on the Sunday mass. I’m not surprised given the country has been idling over decades of rotten rules of the land and politicians with quintessential issues understanding what “public servants” are for. Given the impaired political and economic standing, we just don’t go to the books or United States for help, we call upon a higher power to steer our fates. I just really hope it works.

You know what’s interesting? This whole thing has wormed it’s way to my conversations with friends. And trust that we never let politics, not in a few years, be a topic since it takes too much time for debate and is a major drainer for quality time. The last time we ever sat over food and sometimes coffee to discuss the state of the nation was during the Estrada shenanigan. So far we’ve been divided but have agreed to disagree on choices that our conscience and acumen dictate.

I’m crossing my fingers that this will be a violence-free election. Now that would be a change.


Yesterday was Mom’s Day and I got my mom a pair of prescription glasses (not the one on the picture, stupid!).

I was meaning to take her out (me and my brother) but she sort of found something to do with her click. It’s odd to think that our parents don’t have social lives or perhaps friends apart from what we obviously see. We think of them as ancient fun-void individuals. We (well at least for me and my brother) don’t know her social activities, the people she takes vacations with (hmmm, who was she with when she took that plane ride the last time?), or even her little chill-out time wherein she allows her hair down.

Nonetheless, it’s cool. I like that my mom is not letting life pass her by. But sometimes she makes me wonder, am I now the designated adult of the house?


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