Prince Of Persia

Did you know that mixed martial arts and the ability to scale ala Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon exist during the ancient Persian times? Me Neither. Alas, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time strive to defy such facts.

We start off with Dastan (Gyllenhaal) a street-smart orphan taken to liking by the king. Fast forward to his mid-twenties, he marauds a kingdom, meets a feisty princess (Arterton) and discovers a powerful dagger from the gods. With all this shenanigans going on, he becomes an alleged murderer and gets chased down by his own brothers.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is a story of journey, a bit of love story and a bit of family comedy.

What got my attention right off the bat was the accent. C’mon, will anyone make it clear to me? Why do ancient stories mostly have English accents? Seriously. It completely stole the show for me. Isn’t this Persia, then why is Jake with a cockney? And why is the prince Caucasian?

While I agree that it entertained me and was slightly impressed with the action scene, it could not escape the fact that it failed with the placing of the actors. Gyllenhaal is no Persian, Arterton is as flexible as a wood and the story is extremely predictable – I knew who the bad guy was and I knew that the robe had acid. If it wasn’t for Sheik Amar (Molina) things would come off as an ancient dude-surfing-in-sand type of rehash.

And that is not the only thing Prince Of Persia missed. It was off target when it’s time for the turning points to happen,  lacked proper climax and had a distinctive blah when it comes to its comedy. There were completely unnecessary events, presumably with the sole intention of squeezing as much chemistry and joke. For those who haven’t seen it and has plans of doing so, please, spare yourself from going on a murderous, bum-numbing two-hours. Trust me that you will not miss anything. It feels jarringly like something you’d rather just wait for HBO to air.

The movie is in cahoots with Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer so it’s safe to assume that this should pitch something of a feel good entertainment and I must say that it was amusing, until the credits roll.



Coming Back

Now wasn’t that a breeze – running out of time to sit and write, just pull out your old journal entries then use it to fill the space.

You can also go emo in case you want some attention (LOL) then throw in the date and people who know you can throw themselves into a tizzy trying to figure out where they were when you  apparently needed them.

I tell you people, breathe. It’s just thoughts over idleness. I’m cool.

I’m going to try and put out some old entries I have lying around and see how the spin will affect things. But no worries, I’ll try to put more fresh notes in here.

Like …

Last Wednesday, I went toiletries (grocery) shopping at SM Mega and found out that they made this day special by replacing their carry bags with paper. In case you’ll be buying months worth of groceries they’ll put it in boxes. It was refreshing and quite pleasant to know that a big wig such as SM looks after the environment’s interest.

I on the other hand, had to hug a huge heavy brown paper bag (no handles, crap) and walk home feeling like I just traipsed into the New World. I should’ve taken my mountain bike along, now that would be a kick.

– Went up to Mt. Famy a week ago. Found that the falls and the rivers up there have lost most of its H2O and we soon realized we needed to trek farther to see a decent water falls.

Unlike my last climb (done in pitch dark – who the hell had the bright idea we start climbing at 12 midnight? In driving rain – no one was smart enough to check the weather forecast and with more than half of the group new to the sports), which was a genuine tour de hell this one was a complete opposite. This time, I sort of breezed through the whole journey. I even finished the assault (ascent) third place and (descent) first place. Thank heavens for my brother’s headlight I only had to worry about my 40 liters of a bag.

I went back to Manila appropriately spent and crisp … more than I usually am.

Currently listening to Magic 89.9

Of Turns and Falls

Thoughts from March 1, 2007.

I sat calmly waiting for my dinner, this has been a long day.

I started my vacation aiming to clear my thoughts. I’ve been growing weary and confused for years and the breaking point has been evident. Fearing the worse, I took a chunk of my savings and booked my round-trip ticket to the north. Although I’ve hardly any time to breath after jumping from town to town, I must say I’m successful in identifying the cobwebs.

Clear as a summer blue sky, I’ve realized how things have turned pitiful.

For nights on end I’ve been crying myself to sleep, confused over how I got to be so alone.

I continually grovel for answers.

Years ago someone asked me, “Where would you be ten years from now?” With a clever grin slapped on my face, I said, “I’d be writing … with a career that will definitely fend for me – in case nothing happens, I’ll make sure I’ll be working for a huge network.” All actually happened and some are still happening but the clever grin so full of certainty and optimism is no more. I’ve trudged my life with so much blessings to carry in my memory box, I’ve become many things I wanted to be but …

Here I am, waiting for my dinner at a high-end restaurant listening to waves lapping at the shores and a lighthouse flashes a beam at intervals from a distance,  simply feeling empty.

I know what I am missing – a home of my own.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve refused to anchor myself. Even those who are willing to take me in spite of my flaws found it futile. I admit I’ve been carrying a heavy laden soul and the minute good in me is constantly fighting it off.

The dinner just arrived.

The candle strikes such a romantic tone … too bad I don’t have anyone to enjoy it with. The food smells heavenly, if only I can share it with a lover.

Dark Awakenings

Thoughts from April 24, 2010.

It has become difficult to wake up.

Not the act of opening ones eyes and starting the day, but the realization that you are waking up to the same despairs that you tried to get away from by sleeping.

I’m the type that ponders ever so deeply when I’m not working or busy with anything. My mind just keeps racing and turning which some people might conclude as a worrier. Maybe I am.

There would be moments wherein I’d rather be asleep so I can save myself from worrying/ thinking. But after perhaps two hours of snoozing I’d wake up and just can’t go back anymore. My head, the moment my body recognizes I’m awake, can’t will it to doze off again. So instead of conjuring horrors lying  in the dark, I would fight it off with a book, a movie or by writing.

There would also be times wherein I can’t hold on to sleep for as long as  I need to. Dreams,  sometimes they trick me. They make me believe that its true and I’d jerk myself awake in order to escape from it. So sleep  which is intended to be a reprieve, is at times taken with anxiety.

Truth be told, my battling can only do so much. The shadows constantly knock at my doors and I would have to comfort and convince myself time and again that this is just the meds screwing my mind.  I painstakingly  soothe the voices that there really is nothing wrong and in case there is, deep within me I know what to do in order to fix it.

I’ve been running myself to the ground – spending late hours at work, running numerous errands, meeting with people, running around the mall to get things that I may or may not need, etc. – in order to ease my senses when it’s time to close my eyes. But this don’t always work; more often, sadly it doesn’t.

I think of work, of people, things I missed, mistakes made by me and mistakes made by people towards me. Then it gets all jumbled up with hopelessness and fear.

I was never good enough for myself and that feeling speaks so loudly in my head sometimes – and the meds I’m taking is making it worse.


I said China.

But why China?

Because I haven’t been there. Have you?


So why not?

Because …

Come on now.

I’m not going to China.

If I promise to keep my hands off of you, will you go?

And when were your hands ever on me?!

Just kidding! Goodness!

Well I’m not.



Why do you have to be so difficult?

Why do you have to pester?

I am not rotting.

I mean it as a verb and not an adjective. Although the other one works too.

So you want to talk about sentence structure, huh?!

You think you can keep up?

Hah! You’ve always been weak at it.

And you’ve always been clueless.

Damn it! Are you going with me or not?


Then you leave me no choice.


I’m forcing you Ativan and when you wake up you’ll be in my bed.

I thought its China.

My bed in China.

Let me look for my passport.