I Ge-Get Around

I had only six hours of sleep spread to my weekend.

And I feel that this will continue on until the next two weekends … now don’t get me wrong, I love being busy. I had things to do and people to meet and now that I am about to head to my workweek, I most definitely feel fortunate for having so much on my plate I have very little time to worry.

Saturday stepped in pinning for good strong coffee to at least augment my two hours of sleep. Then as soon as the caffeine kicked in, I ran plenty of errands for my place. After that and seeing I have a few hours to give to myself, I went and covered a few remaining pages of a book I’ve been meaning to close. Soon after, I dozed off for around an hour and woke up in time to prepare for the account team building.

Before heading out, I met with TL J and his partner D to pick up a bottle of booze and several liters of soda.  Picked up by Mommy M, we drove to the venue and spent it until four in the morning. After that, a commute back to the city and a five o’clock morning mass as this was already Sunday morning.

Getting a few hours to myself – after I cleaned up, confirmed my next appointment, looked for something to wear and watched a bit of t.v. – I chanced a few (three) hours of sleep.   By 11.30, I was off to spend the next nine hours with a high school friend – an event I was super chirpy about given she surprised me with an attendance of another friend I knew to be uber busy.

I was just so stoked for having to go around the city as a trio.

By the end of it and appropriately tired, I realized I missed a group of people I was also supposed to meet. After showering them with plenty of apologies, I rescheduled to guarantee that I won’t go MIA on them again.

I think when someone I’ve been meaning to spend a day with declined my invitation (much to my disappointment), the Heaven’s threw me a bone. It reminded me that I have so many other friends that I can spend it with and I don’t have to convince them to.

So that’s my weekend, spent with a little less worry, too little sleep and a whole lotta fun.


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