Fried Days

I hate it when I suddenly find so much time in my hand, specially when I want to while it away with someone in particular.

And it’s no help when I’m assaulted with a weather so unforgiving I’m accosted with asthma, dehydration and skin issues (stupid prickly heat!). Me and a friend had a thought – go up the mountains. Then when we got there we were greeted by an unwelcoming crowd and the reason we left the city – heat, heat and more f&*%ng heat. Next time V can we just go to the mall?


Right now I’m sort of waiting for something to happen. Something someone would do. Okay no point in riddles as most of you already know.

I miss you… well not you, the other you reading this. I miss you so darn much.

Note: Yes I am aware that the title looks familiar. I borrowed it. But I promise I’ll give it back once she realizes it’s missing (Thanks Zafra).


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