My Tuesday

Got to work late … like four hours late.

Spent the first two hours feeling dizzy.

Worked slowly.

D shared some bad news. I told her to chill.

Vertigo sucks.

Ate breakfast.

TL J said he’s in a bad mood. I told him it’s almost over.

That he has nothing to be worried about.

Coughed a lot to clear the asthma.

Talked to J until we got cut off.

He said he’s in some sort of predicament.

I concluded the ex is still in love with him.

Ate a pint of ice cream.

Watched Ellen.

It didn’t interest me.

Read more pages of American Gods.

Took a long cold shower.

Thought of getting better.

Prayed and slept.

… at around 530pm.

— I promise, May is going to be a little more fun (or so I hope). Just as soon as I get this darn cat off my chest.


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